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My $63,000 SMS Template and Why Business Owners Should be Very Afraid

I ride my push bike to work every day.

I do it to stay fit and alive.

Unfortunately, drivers often try to wipe me out, not deliberately, but the consequences are grave.

This morning, as a car pulled out blindly from a vehicle dealership looking down the road and didn’t see me right in front of them.

The only thing that saved me was my lungs… I hollowed out.

Now there is a commonality to all of this…

I am riding a bike.

On a main road.

With right of way.

There is a stop sign or a give way sign or I have right of way.

Drivers entering that road either via other roads or driveways, don’t see me right in front of them.

In fact, in front of their nose as they approach the corner looking to their right not wanting to stop.

I actually got cleaned up recently.

The lass that hit me was apologetic and horrified…

The damage was done to me and the bike, but nothing that couldn’t be repaired

At least 4-6 times a month, I nearly get wiped out as drivers literally fall asleep at the wheel of their car.

The bad news is, business owners are asleep at the wheel of their business as well and it is going to have disastrous consequences also…

You see, they are slowly being boiled in a pot like a crab and they don’t even know it.

In fact, they are in a coma.

Read on to discover why if you are in business should you be worried…

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So, is Mal Emery really a “Has Been”?

Recently, when mentioning my name to an associate friend or family member, a potential client was told…

“Mal Emery is a ‘has been’ from the 80’s”…

Now that advice she received might have merit and it might not…

But it did give rise to my response below… which you might find compelling reading.

Read on to discover my “in your face” response to the accusation that I am a “has been of the 80’s”

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One of the Greatest Breakthrough’s you can have in Business is a Media Breakthrough

By the way, what I am about to say is going to upset a few people and fly in the face of today’s conventional wisdom…

You see, God forbid, I am going to suggest to you that you should circumvent search on Google.

And instead, find ways to use other media.

Of course, I am not saying don’t use the online media…

What I am saying is be agnostic and use ALL MEDIA that is appropriate to your ideal prospect.

After all, when you are depended upon any one media, you don’t really have a business… you have a promotion which could be destroyed overnight if you lost use of that media for one reason or another.

Take Google for example…

They own the sandpit, they make up the rules because you are trying to play in their sandpit.

The last time I saw a number, Google was valued at something like $600 Billion, so why the heck shouldn’t they make up the rules?

Anyway, read on to discover how to have a Media Breakthrough in your business that circumvents your dependency with Google.

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How to get FAME CELEBRITIES to PROMOTE your product or service and get them for FREE


Using a Celebrity can dramatically increase your sales… In fact, you can build your whole business around one as have previous clients of mine, Footwear Industries, Steel Blue Boots with the use of Dennis Lillie (Australian Cricketing Legend).

By the way, they started using Dennis way back when they started the business in the mid 1990’s and I am sure it has been a very mutually beneficial arrangement.

The most obvious celebrity today is Donald Trump. In the past he has been paid millions of dollars to use his name on anything from a building to a golf course.

I shared the stage with him back in 2011. I know he was paid a lot of money to be there, I just don’t know how much.

I on the other hand was there to make sales and help pay for Mr. Trump.

I have also shared the stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Mark Bouris, Robert Kiyosaki, Harry S Dent and many others who got a big fat cheque for being there.

People came to see the celebrities, like the list above and then I was there to make the money and make this whole thing work.

The point being, you don’t have to be a massive company to think about using a celebrity.

For most businesses, the use of celebrity in their marketing and advertising is a…

BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGY that will Increase your sales by 15% – 30%

So if the idea of using a celebrity interests you and if you would like to know how to make that happen, for little or no money, read on.

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“Welcome to the Family” Game Changer Strategy

The idea of “Game Changers” is way overdone these days, everyone seems to sprout they have a “Game Changer”…

The reality is there aren’t that many of them, especially new ones.

Mostly, they are just a different take on something old.

A great old “Game Changer” strategy that was true decades ago and even truer today in a business world turned upside down is Walt Disney’s strategy of…

“Do what you do SO WELL that people can’t help telling others ABOUT YOU”.

And Walt Disney really meant it and everyone who ever worked for him knew it also.

Read on to discover a new adaptation and Game Changer strategy, few if any of you are using

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Success is NOT a Random Act and the REAL Reason why there aren’t more Rich People

The real reason there aren’t more rich people is because they’re not prepared to do what it takes to join the illustrious group of rich folk.

Instead, they make excuses, blame everyone else and justify their lot or lack thereof.

They continually search for a straight line to success yet in reality no straight line exists to anything that is worthwhile.

Not only isn’t there a straight line, but there rarely is a magic pill either.

You see, People only WANT to do ONE thing… Not multiple things to achieve the success they crave.

There always has been and always will be obstacles along the way that need to be dealt with and overcome.

Success in business is definitely NOT a “Random Act”.

It is instead a series of definite and defined actions you take in order you achieve a particular outcome (success).

Those actions are determined by “reverse engineering” your actions based on a clear picture of what it is you want to achieve in the end.

It has a name, it’s called “beginning with the end in mind”.

And that is how I begin everything.

Doesn’t matter if it is the creation of a new business or embarking on a detoxification and weight loss program, which I have just done by the way and I am minus about 9 kilos.

The reality is, I reverse engineered that so I could achieve it.

So, if success isn’t a random act… then what is it?

Well, read on and I will reveal it to you

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Business owner’s diabolical sales skills are letting everyone down

Yesterday I went to one of those early morning get togethers where business owners come together in a sort of Mastermind to help each other out.

Quite often the organisers have a guest speaker or a topic for discussion, that was the case where this invitation was concerned.

You see, I have been one of their guest speakers in the year and this is sort of the end of the year “thank you” for all that.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable event but when it came to sell something, in this case join the group for 2017, the organiser went to water.

He left his “pathetic pitch” until the end and gave little or no hint during the event there was an opportunity to “join the group” because, I suspect, he thought it was inappropriate to do that.

Of course, the truth is YOU ARE ALWAYS SELLING.

If you think this guy is on your own, you will seriously mistaken…

You see, I occasionally go to Expo’s just to see if there is any “selling going on”.

I mean you would think after spending so many thousands of dollars to setup an expo that you would see some master selling going on… But I always leave terribly disappointed.

In fact, I should have gone to a strip club because at least I would have seen some decent selling 🙂

Anyway, I know of no better way to…

find hidden money than to master sales and conversion.

And it should in my opinion, be a jailable offence for a business owner to “wimp out” when it is time to sell.

So read on to discover how to create your very own “How to Painlessly and Effortlessly Unleash Mega Results in Selling… even if you Absolutely Despise Selling”.

It’s the next in a series of (#5) Low Cost, No Cost Gorilla Sales and Lead Generation Strategies that Work like Crazy…

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Entrepreneurs can save the world

I am not sure whether you are aware or not but last week was International Entrepreneur week (14th Nov – 20th Nov).

Rarely is entrepreneurship celebrated and encouraged, although it should be, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Governments and institutions alike give lip service at best to the virtues of entrepreneurship and spend the most of their time trying to derail our endeavours.

Believe me, the Entrepreneurs resolve will be sorely tested in the near future as virtually every industry and profession attempts to deal with expanding regulatory assault.

There is a conspiracy to shrink the entrepreneurs ambition, activity and wealth.

You see, my take on all of this is, that it’s entrepreneurs that save the world and I am not alone in that thinking.

However, try telling that to an employee…

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to start a revolution… The Entrepreneurship Revolution.

Imagine the positive impact on the world’s economy if more entrepreneurs found the pathway to prosperity.

Now all this might sound a little “utopian”, however it’s based on hard-nosed mathematical calculations.

After all, if we could cut the rate of new business failure by even 5% it would quite conceivably end poverty.

Entrepreneurship is the most practical way to address the many ills that plague the world economy today.

In fact, I advocate a CAPITALIST’S EVOLUTION.

Read on to discover why being an entrepreneur is not for everybody but why the price an entrepreneur pays is worth it…

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Revealed: The dirt-cheap postcard that produced sales of $479,147 in just 3 DAYS!

In the last rant (blog) I talked about using new technology in your marketing to ramp up your sales instantly.

In that case it was Mobile Marketing… and the SMS sample I gave had turned over approximately $100k to date (and still going) for my client.

Well this time, I am going to be talking about old technology.

I am talking about Direct Mail.

I know what you are thinking, “mail is so expensive these days and SMS is so cheap, I hate spending money sending stuff out and besides, no one reads this stuff anyway” …

The truth is the VERY BEST media of all is Direct Mail and if you give me a chance, I bet I can prove it to you…

And better still, I’ll actually show you the exact postcard that produced sales of $479,147 in just 3 days (TOTAL SALES of $894,841 over the duration of the promotion to date) for my client if you read on NOW!

STOP PRESS – My clients have just advised me they have cracked $1 million dollars with this promotion

Read on to find out exactly how they did it.

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How to Print Money Legally using Mobile Marketing (Opportunity of a Lifetime)

One of the biggest problems facing business owners today and it’s getting worse is to get their marketing message (advertising) read or opened if we are talking about the Internet world.

The reason of course is the clutter and noise from everyone else’s messages that gets in the way of yours.

Another problem is a consumption issue that the consumer is faced with, they just don’t, even if they want to, have enough time to read everything.

Furthermore, the number one reason advertising doesn’t work is because it didn’t get seen.

That is not what most business owners think when dealing with the failure of their advertising. They think it were things like “it was a bad ad”, “the message was wrong”, “the offer was wrong”, “the media was wrong” …

Well all those can affect your result, but number one is not being seen.

Now for the good news…

The good news according to research is 98%-100% of all SMS’s are read within the first 3 minutes of them being sent.

There is not a media alive that can compete with that statistic and if you are not using mobile marketing, you are missing an “opportunity of a lifetime” that may not last forever.

Who knows what the regulators have planned for us.

Anyway, like any media, to get incredible results, you have got to do it correctly.

Read on to discover how to do mobile marketing correctly, which also includes a sample SMS that has done somewhere around $100,000 plus in sales.

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