10 NoBrainer Rebellious Marketing Tips And Strategies PART 2

10 NoBrainer Rebellious Marketing Tips And Strategies PART 2

To follow on from Part #1 of last weeks Rebellious Rant, entitled “10 No-Brainer Rebellious Marketing Tips and Strategies” on how tiny tweaks to your marketing and promotions can make a world of difference to your results $$$ and that small hinges swing big doors $$$, here’s Part #2.

If you apply just a few of them, you will put your money metabolism on steroids.

6. The ideas you think will work best often fail. The dumb and crazy ideas you threw out there for the hell of it often produce the biggest results!

That’s why you gotta test! Don’t be afraid to test all kinds of wild and crazy ideas.

Make a game out of testing and have fun with it! I often get asked my opinion on marketing campaigns, sadly opinions are like arseholes – everybody’s got one. Frankly, opinions are overrated. The only opinion I’m interested in is that of a client or prospect. If you’re not one your opinion doesn’t count to me. It shouldn’t to you either.

7. Direct response marketing is a great sport.

You throw your heart and soul into it – develop a great game plan – and you always know whether you’re winning or losing.

8. You can’t catch a whale with a minnow!

Omaha Steaks made hundreds of millions of dollars by luring in new customers with a stupid pocket calculator that cost them $1.00!!

What do steaks and calculators have in common? Nothing! But you gotta do something to bribe them into doing business with you.

And the ultimate bribe is a FREE gift! Like Master Marketer, William Wrigley, Jr. said, “EVERYONE LOVES A FREE GIFT!”

10. The best answers come slowly. You must have enough self-confidence to boldly step out – and figure things out as you go.

Self-discipline leads to self-esteem. Once you write some good sales copy that pulls – find many ways to use it again!

Try to get paid as many times as you can for work you did one time! That’s the ultimate leverage.

Committed to Multiplying Your Profits and Guilty of Conspiracy to Committing Capitalism,

Mal Emery

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