17 Ways To Ramp Up Profits Getting Your Prospects Attention With Your Headline

17 Ways To Ramp Up Profits Getting Your Prospects Attention With Your Headline

Your headline must be meaningful, specific and urge the reader to read on…

I’m back again this week ranting about my 17 Point Checklist to getting your client’s and prospect’s attention… This is the same checklist that I myself use before I send out any direct mailing material.

Recently I was flicking through an edition of BRW Magazine, and an article on direct mail caught my eye. According to Australia Post, The volume of direct mail increased by 8 per cent in 2006-07 and a record 9 per cent in 2007-08.

This is in the face of pundits saying that direct mail is dead.

But when you do the maths, your average Joe receives an average of three letters a day in his mailbox, compared with possibly hundreds of emails. So in comparison, there’s a lot less clutter in your prospects’ mailboxes, and so more chance to grab their attention using direct mail.

Especially when you use the techniques which I teach!

Which is not to say that using online marketing methods is a waste of time – in fact different mediums for your message, when used together, can be very powerful in your marketing campaign – especially when you have a good message to market match.

What is especially important about using direct mail to communicate with your clients, is that not only does it grab their attention, but it also makes them feel valued and can prompt them to act much more than just an email can.

But you must be sure to be giving them information and offers that they are interested in, and actually want!

So what is it that they are going to see first…?

The Headline!

80 – 90% of the success of any ad is the direct result of how well the headline gets attention!! If you don’t believe me, go look at “People Magazine”, “Redbook”, “New Idea”, “Woman’s Day” and so on.

Whether or not you read, like, or even approve of any of these publications, you’d have to be blind to get past a magazine rack or supermarket checkout line without at least noticing these covers and attention-grabbing headlines.

Can you say the same about your advertising? Are your headlines exciting or boring?

Every month, the editors of all these magazines and newspapers do everything they can possibly think of TO GRAB YOUR ATTENTION! While you may not agree with the pictures or underlying messages, millions of these magazines are sold each week because emotions stir up more sales than logic ever will!

The biggest mistake you can make in marketing is to use a straightforward, “professional” approach that attempts to appeal to people’s sensibilities. Yet, over 95% of all businesses and sales people make it over and over!

Logical advertising is dead advertising, and a waste of your budget.

Emotions are what motivate people to take notice and respond. If your advertising is boring, it won’t make money!

All of your ads must have a headline and the purpose of that headline is to get the attention of your prospect. A simple test of how good a headline is, would be to put it in an ad by itself, devoid of any other copy, except for the contact telephone number and see if you get any calls! The headline must be able to stand alone!!

Your headline should leave nothing to chance. You see, you have about a .07 of a second to get your prospect’s attention. That’s why trying to use humour or getting your prospect to “think” generally doesn’t work.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which kind of headline is more effective before you send it? How much more money would you earn by just a simple change in wording? Best of all how much more would it cost to use one sentence over the other? Absolutely nothing.

So the answer to this problem is, as always, simply to… TEST! When you test, you find out which one works. That’s the principle I teach all the time.

It’s very useful to know what works but no so important to sit around for hours to try and work out why the heck it works. If it works, that’s all that matters, leave the psychoanalysis to someone else.

By testing you get to learn what works and what doesn’t work. So the pain of trying to figure out what works will actually ensure you achieve success faster.

So make your headlines big, bold, and spell out to your clients exactly how you are going to help solve their biggest problems!

All the Best,

Mal Emery

Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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