17 Ways To Ramp Up Profits Use Advertorial Style

17 Ways To Ramp Up Profits Use Advertorial Style

Moving along with my 17 Point Checklist to getting your client’s and prospect’s attention…

This week we’re up to Point # 7 – Use Advertorial Style.

Now I’ve already mentioned that using advertorial style increases your readership 100 of a % … So why would that be?

Simply, as I’ve said over and over again (you must be getting sick of hearing it by now, surely), people are busy, and not interested in what it is you are selling. All they are interested in, is “What’s in it for me?”… They don’t have time to look at your ad, unless you are somehow bringing them from pain to pleasure.

So people don’t look at ads, but they will glance through the paper looking for articles and editorials which interest them.

Which is where your advertorial comes in.

…So what is an advertorial??

An advertorial is basically an ad, which looks like an editorial. Instead of just making some claim and offer to readers, you’re first and foremost offering them INFORMATION. That’s right, content that will enlighten them somehow and draw them in to reading it.

You hardly “sell” them at all, let alone talk much about whatever it is you’re trying to sell.

The psychology behind this, is that once people see that you’re not just trying to “sell” them something, and that you’re actually just offering information that is intended to “help” them, they become much more inclined to do business with you and want what it is you are offering. You have earned their trust by showing that not only do you know what you are talking about, but that you really do want to help them.

And there is the difference.

So next time you are putting an ad in the paper, think about using more space offering information to your prospects. If done correctly, you’ll find you’ll get a much higher response rate.

And as always, test!

All the Best,
Mal Emery

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