17 Ways To Ramp Up Profits Whats In It For Me

17 Ways To Ramp Up Profits Whats In It For Me

Hope you’re bearing with me, as I give you my valuable 17 Point Checklist to getting your client’s and prospect’s attention… This is the same checklist that I myself use before I send out any direct mailing material.

Now last week I was talking about the importance of your headline, and how emotions are what motivate people to take notice and respond to your advertising. In other words, if your advertising is boring, it won’t make money!

So this leads me on to my next pointl which is also crucial when trying to keep the split second of your prospect’s attention before your advertising goes in the rubbish with the rest of the clutter…

You need to remember that always, forever and ever what will most definitely be on your prospects’ minds as they go about their daily lives, is…


And who can blame them! Aren’t you the same? Do you ever waste any of your precious life pouring over junk that doesn’t interest you? Stuff that’s not going to impact your life in any way, shape or form??

Well?? The answer is no, of course! And neither do they.

The most important thing you’ve got to remember, and I’ve said this a thousand times before is that…

It does not matter what you think.

Huh? What was that again??

I just does not matter what you think your prospects want or need… But what matters, is what THEY want or need!

This is not optional here. You’ve got to be giving your clients what it is they want and desire more than their hard-earned dollars, or else they’re just not going to want to part with it!

And more importantly – it’s crucial that not only you are giving them what it is that they want, but that you are making sure they know that you are offering them what it is they want…. That in your marketing you are specifically addressing their internal “What’s in it for me??”

In your advertising you simply must find a way to convey to your prospect exactly what is in it for them if they do business with you, and why they simply must seek you out and get what it is you’re offering!

So the first thing you’ve got to come to terms with, is that what they want and what they’re thinking, has nothing to do with what you think. So how are you going to know what it is they want??

Come on… you know this one!! TEST, of course!

But firstly, you have got to remember the customer is wrapped up in his or her own self-interest. They simply don’t care about your company or how much money you want to make. They want to know how much money THEY can make, how much money they can save, how much younger they can look, or a thousand and one other reasons for wanting to do business with you.

So if you are going to get their hard earned money off your prospects, you’ve got to come to them with a personal message, one which touches their emotions rather than their intellect. Even if you are sending out 50,000 letters, spend that bit extra $$$ to get personal with the people because your results will increase by 100′s of percent for your effort.

For example nice little touches you can make are…

– Using their name in a headline.
– Addressing the letter personally to them.

By customising all of your communications where possible and using the name of your prospect, it’s a lot easier to rouse a response from them – I mean, we live in such an impersonal world these days, showing you care by actually knowing their name and addressing something to them is already on the path to winning their trust.

This way, you win their trust and then you win their money.

You’ve got about 30 seconds before your hard thought-out and paid for marketing material is going in the bin, so do your best to tell your prospects right up front, what’s in it for them, and you have a better chance of getting them to continue reading.

Other ways you can do this is by trying to use short paragraphs, single sentences and bullet points, which makes your copy easier to read. Think of the bullets as “little headlines” revealing BENEFITS to the reader in having your product or service.

Naturally, different people are motivated by different benefits and that’s why you must include “benefit packed” bullet points in your copy. If you have a full page of bullets, you may want to bold alternate bullet points. This will make them easier to read.

So there’s a couple of tips to ensure that you’re appealing to your prospect’s internal “what’s in it for me?” radar… Now don’t forget to test!

All the Best,

Mal Emery

Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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