7 Dangerous Trends Facing Business Today

7 Dangerous Trends Facing Business Today


There are 7 DANGEROUS TRENDS in the market place that will dramatically affect the way business is done now and in the future.

Frankly, if you don’t know what these trends are and if you do know them but do nothing about them, you will be left behind faster than ever before…

These 7 DANGEROUS TRENDS are also not a passing fad or phase, generally they are here to stay for sometime at least.

So if you are keen not to become a victim or statistic of these 7 DANGEROUS TRENDS and you don’t want to finish up like many of the disaster stories we are reading about on a daily basis, then this rant may very well be the most important one you have ever read…


DANGEROUS TREND #1 – Business is Getting Tougher and Tougher

  • FACT, we live in ever changing, chaotic, uncertain difficult economic times.
  • FACT, consumer confidence is down and the “Consumer Sentiment Index” continues to dive.
  • FACT, bankruptcies have nearly doubled from 2007 – 2010.
  • FACT, cost of living continues to rise with no end in sight.
  • FACT, consumers have pulled the pin on endless spending.
  • FACT, consumers have been burdened by 7 Reserve Bank rate increases since September 2009.
  • FACT, competition is fierce with consumers bombarded with up to 5,000 marketing messages per day.
  • FACT, the cost of getting a client today has doubled, even tripled and results are down.
  • FACT, the power is squarely in the hands of the consumer to buy or not to buy.
  • FACT, the consumer is distracted, nervous apprehensive and confused.

(These FACTS are subject to change based on where you have found them and timing.)

I could go on… but I won’t. What’s important is how you respond to these FACTS. Simply, the old ways of doing business that saw you live “high on the hob” in the past, will not feed you in the style you have become accustomed to in the future.

Bottom line, our economy has been good to you in the past and tolerated your meagre efforts, your lack of marketing skills, your lack of customer service and your reluctance to change.

In fact, if you have any intensions of surviving all this, you are going to need to embrace change, the sooner the better before it is too late. But a caveat, RIGHT CHANGE, not just change for the sake of it.

DANGEROUS TREND #2 – If you Don’t Master the Internet you will be Left Behind

  • FACT, searches on Google increased from 2.7 Billion in 2006 to over 33 Billion in 2009
  • FACT, spending over 100 billion making the Internet the new feasting ground for shoppers
  • FACT, 97% of consumers use online searches when researching products or services
  • FACT, the new “Word of Mouth” is online social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • FACT, Facebook and Twitter have nearly 750 million members combined
  • FACT, those members seek and make recommendations for products and services
  • FACT, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations
  • FACT, YouTube is NOW the second largest search engine on the planet
  • FACT, YouTube gets 300 million visitors per month who watch over 2 billion videos
  • FACT, There are more than 200 million blogs
  • FACT, 19.2 million Aussies have mobile phones and 20% of them are smart phones with internet access
  • FACT, 152 billion text messages were sent in a single month recently
  • FACT, 90% of those text messages are read within one minute of receiving them
  • FACT, according to Yahoo, 92% of business searches start online
  • FACT, only 26% of small business have invested any time and effort in marketing online
  • FACT, your prospects and clients are searching online to find businesses they can trust to buy from
  • FACT, marketing online isn’t an option anymore, it’s an absolute necessity that you get it right

(These FACTS are subject to change based on where you have found them and timing.)

The good news is there is still time to figure this all out and get established before it is too late.

And, the Internet is the greatest money making breakthrough in our lifetime, the Internet really is the money making, “Cash Spewing” opportunity the dreamers said it was.

We have clients doing 10’s of thousands, 100’s of thousands and millions of dollars online annually for products and services they would have normally bought from a traditional media outlet.

DANGEROUS TREND #3 – Responding Slowly to the Ever Changing Chaotic Global Economic Conditions will see you First and Most Effected by Them, Not Least and Last

Basically, things won’t change and improve unless you do. Today, like never before you will be rewarded for your level of SKILL, more specifically, your MARKETING and SALES SKILLS. You know Mike Tyson had an incredible SKILL, Boxing, but when that SKILL left him, everything left him.

Mike Tyson had an ephemeral SKILL that is it dissolved or evaporated as he aged. Now even though he earned in access of 300 million in his career and he is dead broke with little or no chance of recreating his wealth.

So my definition of REAL WEALTH is a “timeless enduring SKILL that delivers value to others that can’t be taken away from you in the future. Marketing and sales SKILLS will separate more than ever, successful rich people from broke, mediocre and average people”.

So you are going to need to MASTER CERTAIN SKILLS or you will pay a tax. And the better you are at something, the more you will get paid. And to get paid the most, you must be the best.

The good news is, every master was once a disaster.

EVERYTHING I am good at today is because I invested enough time, money and effort to be good at it, EVERYTHING I’m still bad at is because I never invested enough time money and energy to be good at it.

And once you are a master, you must remain current in an ever changing world. After all, years ago when Tiger Woods won the Masters by 12 strokes, he changed his swing. Why? To stay ahead of the pack, to improve and get better, he wanted to stay relevant and current.

Then a few years later, after winning 4 majors in a row, he changes his swing yet again because again, he wanted to stay current and relevant.

So if you are reading this and think you are doing okay, I’m warning you if you are not running your business as if it is in chaos in this ever changing global economy, you will be in chaos.

That’s enough for now, 4 more DANGEROUS TRENDS to follow soon.

All the best,
Mal Emery.

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  1. Very corect, busisness is certainly not as stable as it was in the past and with technology on the web changing at the speed it is us business owners need to keep up.

    looking forward to the rest of the comments

  2. Frightening Danger Signs Mal, There is evidence that the retail landscape is changing, with the larger retailers in DJs and Harvey Norman showing less Profits.

    Dangerous Trend 1 – Business is getting tougher, there’s greater competition. The standard of competition has increased and there’s an increase in options for Consumers.

    Dangerous Trend 2 – the internet has become Critical, as Gerry Normal for one will atest. Consumers have many options and are able to access volumes of information, services and advice.

    Dangerous Trend 3 – responding slowly can leave a business with numerous problems. E Example being of the larger retailers facing stiff competition form

    Online business models. You cannot afford to be standing still in business and you must always be looking to Grow.

    Otherwise a steady decay and decline of business operations will result.

  3. Hello Mal Emery,
    how are you going? 🙂
    The world sure is changing huh! Lucky for us you told us all like 7 years ago that this was going to happen, and how to preapre for it, so we are not in shock about the state of the economy like lots of people are. Thanks for that! 🙂

    To quote a line from Robert Kiyosaki, who quotes a line from the book called A tale of 2 cities:

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness It is the best of times for smart marketers and business owners, it is the worst of times for naive business owners, it is the age of wisdom for people who study marketing and the economy, it is the age of foolishness for the poor masses who spent too much on their credit cards and mcmansions.

    But now we can help others, with all the stuff you have taught us, we can help them to understand what is happening and how to not be scared. We can tell them not to listen to the silly mainstream media who tell them to invest for the long term in the stock market etc

    Mal Emery tells the truth, the media don’t. Everyone should read Mal Emerys stuff instead of reading the newspapers who lie. As Mark Twain once said: if you don’t read the newspapers you are uninformed, and if you do read the newspapers you are misinformed 😀

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