9 Big Tips For Outrageous Marketing In Any Economic Climate

9 Big Tips For Outrageous Marketing In Any Economic Climate

1. Force people to pay attention to your ads, sales letter, brochures etc. We are all competing for our client’s attention – Bold headlines, guarantees, and testimonials, use attention grabbers on your sales materials. Pamela Yellend

2. Create Irresistible Offers.

“Make your bonus your product”.

3. Spend More on Selected Prospects. Select prospects more skilfully, target more effectively, so that you can invest more per prospect.

4. Be Creative and Original. .

Broadcast to answering machines – Elvis and Bugs Bunny.

5. Offend Somebody –

Consider capitalising on current events even at risk of offending. Car companies in the States gave interest free loans even though it may upset some people to use the events of Sept 11th as a marketing ploy

6. Make A Truly Outrageous Claim (and back it up). A financial advisor gets his appointments by promising to “uncover at least five dangerous holes in the prospective clients financial fortress that his other advisors have not alerted him to and/or five good opportunities for safely increasing yield, or he pays the prospective client $500”. (It’s all maths)

7. Give it Away for Free – Interest free time payments and let them try before they buy.

8. Dare Any Competitor to Match Your Incredible Guarantee and offer to make a fat donation to a charity if they do. Make this a prominent part of your advertising, to call attention to your guarantee.

9. Stretch Your Imagination. I could keep rattling off ideas but that’s not the main point. You need to work on this yourself, for your business and find ways you can “up the ante” in every marketing activity and effort to stand out more, to command attention more dynamically.

How to Prosper in a Slowing Economy

First thing to do : Solidify your base

The second thing to do is: make appropriate adjustments in products, services, payment options etc, to be attractive to your customers in a soft or down economy.

The third thing, is to crank up your marketing aimed at new customers, to take full advantage of your competitors’ fears and timidity.

The Fourth Thing to do is to Only Use “Reasons Why” Advertising

The Fifth Thing to do is “Gutsy Brass Balls” in Your Face Advertising

Big Tips For Outrageous Marketing in Any Economic ClimateThe Sixth Thing to do is Only Run “Offer Based” Advertising

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