AGILITY Is The Key To Success

AGILITY Is The Key To Success

These days the world around us virtually changes at the speed of light, I read that “Information” (knowledge) doubles every two years and it won’t be long before it’s one year…

YET most business owners change with the speed and agility of a giant ore carrying ship and are destined to meet a similar fate as the Titanic.

They ignore or resist asking or acting upon what their own prospects or customers tell them they want. Frankly it’s a natural response after all, no-one likes or welcomes disruption.

BUT success demands an attitude of discovery rather than resistance, reactions that are opportunistic rather than protectionist.

Industries and business occasionally experience REVOLUTION but constantly experience EVOLUTION. Although certain universal principles of business such as advertising, marketing and sales do NOT change, many “Truths” about business do.

In fact, I would go as far as to say NO industry or business operates on the same “truths” and rules as it did 3 years ago. So those “Rules” you are compelled to follow today may NOT be in place 3 years from now.

Being agile when it comes to your marketing and sales provides industry and business with the opportunity to change the rules to suit them and create NEW “truths” about how business is done.

Doing the opposite of everyone in your industry is wise counsel that is bound to see you breaking many rules.

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