All Care Taken But We Take No Responsibility For Any Mistakes

All Care Taken But We Take No Responsibility For Any Mistakes

You can have a lot of fun and success when you tie into Holidays,  Seasons and Celebrations.

Do be careful and plan well ahead.

Take the opportunity to look seriously at what other industries or businesses do around that holiday or seasonal event or celebration but don’t always assume that what they are doing is successful.

If nobody is doing anything it could be for one of two reasons;

• You’re first one to think of it… or
• it ain’t going to work for a reason you don’t know about yet.

Here is a handy list of national holidays, seasonal changes and celebrations that you should be giving some thought to when putting together your marketing calendar. And try to tie these events in to your marketing calendar.

It doesn’t have to be the big national celebrations, if there are local or regional events that are appropriate for you tie into – do so!


Your Clients Birthday –  This is a date you should have on file!
New Year’s Day – Friday 1 January
Australia Day – Tuesday 26 January
Valentines Day –  Sunday 14 February
Business Clean Up Day – Wednesday 24 February
Labour Day (WA) – Monday 1 March
Labour Day (VIC), Canberra Day (ACT) – Monday 8 March
St Patricks Day – Wednesday 17 March
Good Friday – Friday 2 April
Easter Monday – Monday 5 April
Anzac Day – Sunday 25 April
Mothers Day – Sunday 9 May
Foundation Day (WA) – Monday 7 June
Queen’s Birthday (except WA) – Monday 14 June
Red Nose Day – Friday 25 June
Picnic Day (NT) – Monday 2 August
Daffodil Day – Friday 27 August
Fathers Day – Sunday 5 September
AFL Grand Finale – Saturday 25 September
Queen’s Birthday (WA) – Monday 27 September
Labour Day (NSW, ACT, SA) – Monday 4 October
Bathurst Super Cars – Thursday 7 October
Halloween – Sunday 31 October
Movember – November
Melbourne Cup Day (VIC) –  Tuesday 2 November
Christmas Day – Saturday 25 December
Boxing Day – Sunday 26 December

As those of you who were at Platinum this year know, my daughter Denva and her Hero’s pizza franchises really played the game on Halloween. She decorated the stores up with spiderwebs, witches etc, and had her customers all dress up to get their free pizzas and put a surprise big black plastic spider inside the pizza box and so on.

And this is what she does for each “occasion”, she works out the best “outside the box” strategy and applies it to her business. Importantly, she rightfully treats her clients as an audience and she entertains and involves them.

This can be done for all businesses. Yes including yours!

And you should know your clients birthdays. This gives you a perfect chance to contact them and offer them something personal. For example there is this one Italian restaurant in Vic Park, WA that every year sends out to every single one of it’s past customers a voucher to get a main course meal for free when they buy another one. This is brilliant because they have people coming from as far as Rockingham to take advantage of it. A simple gesture, that people appreciate.

If he wants to increase sales even more with this great strategy, he should make them a “half birthday” offer (a bit like Xmas in July). This would effectively double the response rate.

And that is what it is all about folks, people want to feel that you appreciate their custom, and they want to know that you think about them and that you are prepared to put in the effort to retain them as a customer. They want to be entertained, involved and kept up to date with newsworthy information.

So what about you? Are you just doing the same as everyone else, are you just constantly “buying” new customers, or are you looking after and retaining the ones you have already brought?

And are you thinking outside of the box and putting some effort into your marketing?

Do check this calendar carefully as we have taken every care in putting it together but there will variables depending on your state. Some actual holidays may vary from the designated day of the event. All care taken but we take no responsibility for any mistakes…

Examine what is going on, and work out what your best strategy is and then put some action behind it and then get ready for a brighter more profitable future.

All the best,
Mal Emery

Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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