An Amazing Secret That Can Make Your Yellow Pages Advertising 750 More Profitable

An Amazing Secret That Can Make Your Yellow Pages Advertising 750 More Profitable

In case you haven’t realized, in most states it’s Yellow Pages time again… Now, I am a big fan of the Yellow Pages, if your prospects show up there looking for your product or service.

So if you’re wracking your brain trying to create the best ad to gain maximum attention and bang for your buck, or even worse, just going to use the same old wornout ad that hasn’t ever really got much attention at all in the past, then here’s how to do it.

This week I’m going to get down and dirty, to uncover the nitty gritty art of writing powerful Yellow Pages ads.

The results I have achieved from Yellow Pages advertising, by using the following simple but powerful strategies, speak volumes for themselves. It’s true, those results have indeed been nothing short of amazing!

Like all media, there is a right way, and a wrong way.

Now, settle in for a quiet, focused read. I suggest you also perhaps pick up a copy of the Yellow Pages and have a ‘flick through’ as you read this. Though much of what I talk about will strike you as common sense, there will be points I make which stretch you a little. Well, it must be time to venture out of the ‘comfort zone’.

Let’s face it, your ad in the yellow pages costs the same, whether it pulls 1 sale or 100. So, how do you make it pull like crazy?

And… why don’t the ad agencies of the Yellow Pages gurus explain this stuff to you?

The truth is that they don’t know about it and they don’t know how. And it’s not their fault, they just don’t understand Emotional Direct Response Marketing & Advertising.

Now even if you’re not placing an ad in the Yellow Pages, you should still listen carefully here, because the following information is going to apply to any ad you write. Whatever it is, you MUST:

1. Have a Bold Headline at the Top of Your Ad
Most people put the name of their company. But this is not the White Pages telephone book, it’s the Yellow Pages and what we want is people to choose us when they’re looking for someone to do business with. So don’t waste the only chance at a first impression that you’re going to get.

2. Have Lots of Copy
Your ad can never be too long, only too boring. Write about the benefits your client will enjoy by doing business with you. What’s in it for them?

3. Make it Look Like an Editorial
Teach people something and position yourself as the expert in your field.

4. Include bullet points, testimonials from happy clients, and a photo of yourself or your front person.
This is what I am always raving on about – giving your prospects proof of what you say is true! Show them that you are a real person, who is passionate about doing a good job. This is a much more effective way to get their attention than a business name and number

5. Use a white background, black print and red spot colour
There are no exceptions to this rule, except for photos. Dare to be different! Grab their attention!

6. Yes, the size of your ad will multiply your response by 4 times.

The Bigger the Better! As before, stand out from the crowd!

By the way, if your Yellow Pages rep tells you your headline is too big, there’s too much copy and not enough yellow space and you need to put your company name on the top… that’s great, you’ve got a winning ad!

All they know about, is traditional advertising, NOT Direct Response advertising. And since direct response type ads very rarely appear in this media, the Reps do not understand them and assume they are “bad ads” insisted upon by misguided advertisers.

Unlike any other advertising media, in the Yellow Pages all advertisers are limited to the same maximum size; no matter how much bigger or richer your biggest, richest competitor is, the biggest ad he can buy is a full page. So the playing field is restricted and relatively fair. This means that if you choose to go with a big ad, you will automatically appear as “big” as any other advertiser, to your prospects.

Look at two of the big ads in your Yellow Pages directory – can you tell by looking which is the bigger, more successful company? No. One could be the largest international conglomerate in the category, the other could be a one-man operation, and you can’t tell which is which.

This, plus a favourable position, are the two most often voiced arguments for buying a big / biggest ad, and they have validity.

There is also sufficient statistical and case study evidence to satisfy me that in general, when you double the size of a Yellow Pages ad, you do not just double the response; you triple or quadruple the response!

However, here’s the caveat:

Bigger / Biggest size only works to your greatest advantage when you have a strong sales message to fill the space! If everything you have to say about your business fits on a business card, just enlarging that to fill a full page is a lousy investment.

And to add to this point, you do NOT need the biggest ad to win big… Message is MUCH more important than size. But I prefer both size & message.

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Creating Your Advertising Message

Your logo and your company name, those things that are recognized easily by your customers, are of minimal importance in Yellow Pages advertising. Using your business name as the ad’s headline, for example, is a complete, utter and ignorant waste of space.

Here’s why:

FACT #1: 60% of those who consult a category in the Yellow Pages, have NO company in mind. They are not looking for a name they already know. They are completely open-minded. They are there to be sold.

FACT #2: Of the 40% who do know a business in that category, a third are willing to be swayed from the one they already know about to a different one. In total, 6 out of 10 are fair game for you.

FACT #3: You will not attract/convince these 6 out of 10 with your name, logo, or cute slogan.

WARNING: Some experts will advise you against mentioning service, guarantees, warranties, etc. and will advise sticking just to ‘basic facts’ (the same ones everybody else provides), such as location, hours, phone number, etc. This is very, very bad advice. They are creating an over-sized business card! You are supposed to be creating an AD to get your prospects attention and convince them to choose YOU. Talk to 6 out of 10 “in search of someone to trust” and tell them why they should choose you versus all the other advertisers.

The Most Powerful “Secret Weapon” Of The Yellow Pages Advertiser Who Gets Extraordinary Results!

In all other types of advertising, most pro’s acknowledge that 70% of the battle is won or lost with the headline. Yet, incredibly, unbelievably, 99% of all Yellow Pages ads, do not have a headline! They replace it with the business name, a cross-street location or nothing at all…

When you put a benefit-driven, attention getting headline on a Yellow Pages ad, you instantly gain a profound competitive edge over most, maybe all the other advertisers in your category!

To demonstrate what I mean, I have prepared a special something for you. The following are 2 examples of recent ads my team have created for clients…

So there you have it. All the information you need to dominate your category in the Yellow Pages – that is, if you’re game enough to do something different from the crowd and actually get your prospects’ attention! Be game, be bold… and reap the rewards!

Alternatively if you’re interested in having your ad  “done for you”, I can highly recommend the services of a trusted colleague who knows the game…
Dean Kennedy can be contacted at or on (03) 9372 0055.

But be warned… If you follow my advice you are going to get very busy, very fast!

Best regards,
Mal Emery


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