Are You A Dumb Criminal And How Dumb Are You

Are You A Dumb Criminal And How Dumb Are You

1331629728_2010_05_21_16.51.01_300x226Almost 3 months to the day criminals robbed my general manager’s house. It proved so successful to them they returned recently to rob it again.

Stay with me here, I promise to take you by hand and show you how you can cash in on the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.

Now back to the criminals, the good news that came out of this is Ian and Jenny now have another house load of new gear which Ian’s very excited about because with the advance in technology all the electrical stuff those criminals go for is getting better and better. The bad news is, as I explain to Ian, they’re coming back to clean him out again. “So, don’t get too attached to it.”

If you live in Perth, in the last 3 months, you’ll know another criminal was robbing convenience stores using tools of trade like screw driver, chisels, and hammers as his weapons of choice. This guy, of course, got nailed in about 10 days. After all, in most of the locations he was filmed. Someone is going to recognise this Jack Ass.

So, let’s think about this for a moment. The smart criminals are robbing mansions in the middle of the day when no one’s home and the “booty” is bigger, I would think. The dumb criminals are robbing the convenience store where there is the possibility of being confronted by an angry victim armed with a base ball bat, maybe even a bunch of customers eager to come to the victim’s rescue.

I expect the “booty” is smaller at convenience store and the dangers are greater for the criminals that rob convenience store… yet the penalties are the same. So in business sense, are you a dumb criminal robbing convenience stores when you should be robbing mansions?

Now I don’t mean “robbing” in the sense of the word here. Generally speaking everyone I come in contact with isn’t trying to “rob” anyone. In fact their products and services are mostly exceptional, so is their desire to satisfy their clients’ needs.

Unfortunately, that’s not where the money is in business.

I’m now going to reveal to you how to “rob” mansions and move to where the money is and how you can get a bigger share of the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. Any argument against what I’m going to reveal here is ignorance, laziness or both.

So let’s replace the words dumb criminal with “average mediocre and broke people” and replace smart criminal with “rich people”. Here is what I know about rich people, rich people chose to rob mansions. By that I mean identify a hungry herd of prospect or client with money who are eager to spend it if you would solve their problems for them.

I believe the greatest opportunity for business owners and sales professionals, I’ve seen in my life time is selling to the WEALTHY AFFLUENT. You see, these are convergence of demographic trends right now controlling the movement of money in a way never seen before.

There’s the psychographic trend of baby boomers and seniors who are willing to spend money in a bigger way than in prior generations on things like luxury goods, travel, alternative health and anti aging, etc. Most unlike the baby boomers parent who where “squireling” it away for the rainy day or to leave to the children. Us baby boomers have a different plan, it’s called the “die broke plan”… last cheque to the funeral parlour bounces. We are spending it.

The affluent client is a better client, a little harder to sell to, but will spend up to 300% more with you. They also remain loyal as long as you don’t mess it up and eagerly refer people to you. All this means is you can spend more to get them.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw on TV where a camper company was selling a $570,000 Winnabago and the guy sold 10 of them this year. They even interviewed a couple who sold their house to buy one. In fact in America, you can pay 1.3 million dollars for one. There’s a 4 min exercise machine that sells for over US$16,000, even a $27,000 hand bag, the only reason these product exist is because someone, the WEALTHY AFFLUENT is buying them.


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The greatest transfer of wealth will be the baby boomer’s parent leaving their real estate to their baby boomer children as they die. In America alone it is estimated to be 33 trillion dollars and guess what? We are going to spend it.

So it’s ignorance or laziness not to redesign or design your business to sell to the WEALTHY AFFLUENT. After all there are less people trying to sell to the WEALTHY AFFLUENT, they are less price sensitive and will spend more, in fact, they’ll spend any amount of money with you if you would only give them a good reason to.

You see 20% never ever buy on price and 30% don’t have price in their top 10 determining factors when buying. And 90% only buy on price because you don’t provide them with a reason (marketing) not to buy on price, so they have no alternative but to consider price as their first option. Less than 10% actually buy on price and yet we behave like 90% do.

They will cheerfully pay a premium price if only you would give them a reason and opportunity.

So figure out how to provide an incredible experience to the WEALTHY AFFLUENT and price accordingly because if you would align with them your income will grow exponentially.

If you are not picking your customers, figuring out how to marketing to the WEALTHY AFFLUENT, you are missing out on the grandest prize of all time and the greatest transfer of wealth.

All the best,

Mal Emery
Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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  1. Mal,

    Once more your words come at a time when I have been working with exactly the same concepts & ideas.

    Our marketing efforts can be towards the convenience stores (masses) or towards the mansions (businesses & those of influence).

    It is easy to sell a $7 eBook on marketing to the masses, however you could repackage the same material and sell a Marketing Seminar to a Business for $5,000.

    All to often we sell ourselves short. We need to think outside the box and once again step outside of our comfort zones.

    Thanks again Mal for your timely message.
    To Your Success,
    Rob Willis

  2. Hello Mal Emery 🙂 Your friends who keep getting robbed, they should stick up notes all over their front door and windows that say: Hi Robbers, please smile for the cameras which we have set up everywhere to record you, because when we catch you on camerca robbing us, we are going to turn the video into a youtube hit, and make a million bucks from it. THe media will love it! So please remember to smile for the cameras. Thank you xxxooo

  3. Well Christina, I am glad you enjoyed Mals rant, for the record, any future robbers have to get past the video cameras and one very expensively trained German Shepherd guard dog.

    The good news is they caught the mongrel that ripped us off. And he used the video camera that he stole from me to film his exploits.

  4. Hello, I am so glad that Ian March caught his robber! What a thickhead robber he was to use the video camera that he stole from you to film his own exploits. That is surely NOT the way to do video marketing 🙂 Maybe you could send him a book called How to make money with marketing, instead of robbing and send it to his prison cell 🙂 –

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