Be The Wizard With Magical Powers

Be The Wizard With Magical Powers

Remember in the last rant, I revealed there were 2 strategies that had put more money in my pocket than anything else I have mastered… and I have revealed the first one to you.

You may also remember, I am revealing these 2 strategies because I am often asked, “what has contributed to your success more than anything else”.

In the last rant, I revealed taking mentors, not re-inventing the wheel is the BIG BIG secret.

In the rest of this rant I will reveal the next BIG BIG secret…

My next BIG secret is to “be the WIZARD” of your particular niche or industry. What I mean by that is, be perceived by your prospects or clients as the only logical choice of what it is you do.

You see, money moves to you quickly and easily if you are seen as the authority, expert, specialist of your niche, even better still, be seen as the celebrity expert,authority of your niche.

The truth is, this strategy is so powerful …it begins as a marketing positioning question.

Most business owners attempt in some way to be the wizard, it’s just that they do it VERY VERY badly. After all, all commercialism is fundamentally based on mysticism.

Now I will be honest with you, when I realized that if I wanted to be successful in the “success business” I would need to become the WIZARD, it did NOT sit well with me at all.

The idea of having my “face” in ads and on products did not feel comfortable to me. However…
The Money was more Important

And I knew that … if I was going to achieve my goal of helping people and making a lot of money doing it, that is who I would need to become… the WIZARD.

And the neat thing is, the world takes you at your own appraisal, and importantly, you can be in the process of becoming the WIZARD before you actually are.

Frankly, it’s not that hard to be the WIZARD of any niche when you look at how little people do to be successful. It’s not as if there are any competitors out there.

Another fact that supports being the WIZARD is the point that the market place IS OUTCOME ORIENTATED.

By that I mean, when you hire a carpet cleaner, you have a certain level of expectation like, they will turn up on time, clean your carpets properly, charge you the agreed amount and you can walk on the carpets in an hour or two.

And importantly, while they are there, they won’t steal from you.

If the carpet cleaner does all that(except steal) and nothing I described was very difficult, then they are probably going to stand out from the rest just by performing the basics.

The reality is, there is a set of steps to achieving anything. The trick is to speed up the steps.

A great way to “buy speed” is to anoint yourself as the WIZARD. In other words, certify yourself and then the world will take you at your own appraisal.

You see, not once have I ever been asked for my “qualifications” and I’ve coached and consulted with anything from fish and chip shops to publically listed companies and everything in between.

That is thousands of individuals and hundreds of different business types, although I have never counted it, I have coached. Why is this so? Because the market place is outcome orientated.

Just make sure you can deliver, better still, over deliver on your promises.

And like I said, with what there is to compete with in the market place, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

So… find a market who will give you money where you can position yourself as the WIZARD, and the best thing is, you don’t have to wait to be anointed.

All the best,
Mal Emery

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  1. Hi Mal, thanks for all the messages and this one is according to all the others in importance. You are a great mentor, I even know a very successful person who is also very proud to call you mentor, she has also become a great mentor for me. as for the wizard bit, you are definitely that, and thanks for being so. Have a fantastic week!!!

  2. Fake it till you make it 🙂

    A time honoured tip!

    And it will work even better now because some data just came out that shows that most businesses are spending less on advertising to save money.

    Good! More room for us and less clutter to try and compete with

  3. Ok Mal, I`m asking to view copy of your qualification to offer all this financial and psychological detail and advice – please supply same by return-or ? ? ? ?.

  4. YOU Chose Wise Mal,

    I simply give thanks to be able to stretch and reach with, and around the best peopleof which are NOW coming closer into my family’s life and delivering the true facts on where the money actually is, and has ALWAYS BEEN HIDING .

    It is fairdinkum time, to make up for Lost challenged time from those select few lesser caring types who would continue to see us all fail and flounder.( Thank god for u.s.b.back-ups).

    We give thanks for Major Mal emery ,striking WAR on POVERTY in ways we could not before see, and now we easily spot a mile away,and are MADLY BEING CREATIVE..

    I am finding it EXTREMELY CHALLENGING NOW to walk past a $2.00 shop with all that fantastic goodies for my future lumpy mail…(Twisted hey ! )

    Thanks for the heads up Mate.

    All the best.

    Kind regards.

    Sincerely .

    Rodney Joy -AKA- Mr.Mate-eyes


    Choose Wise, Mate-eyes,Choose Street Smart Marketing Mentors…

  5. Mal, You make some excellent points. Positioning oneself as a Wizard creates a distinct Point of Difference that seperates one from its competitors. Agree with your point that qualifications become not so important when you can display great outcomes. It’s all about creating a perception and marketing a message of being a specialist and being the best at ones craft. It’s about positioning yourself as a leader, ahead of the others in the pack, in the chosen industry. You’re living proof that the Wizard Strategy is turbo charged !

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