Becoming A Marketing Company And Your Expert Positioning

Becoming A Marketing Company And Your Expert Positioning

The reality is that there is no money in what you do. The real money is in the marketing of what you do. It’s about you making the shift and becoming a marketing company.

You must developing your USP or what I prefer to call your Unique Customer Buying Advantage (UCBA). So position yourself as an expert and be unique.

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  1. Hi mal,

    Just a quick note. I am in the process of waiting for a patent pending number to come through for a boat acessorie.I am employed with an engineering company and I am waiting for the product to be made public and my plan is to be self employed. I have registered a company name and also waiting for a trade mark for that as well. Every thing is in the process of coming together so my plan is to be as well primed to move in the right direction at the right time. I believe in timing, as you have said dont push, excite the want! Everything you have said so far is what I need to hear, I am not so much interested in the money as to be the best at what I do. Sir Joe Bjelkie peterson was once asked to explain his view on success’ he answered Success is what you have overcome, not what you have. I had just closed my workshop down as my major contractor had gone broke and I worked away from home all week only home with family weekends for 2 years but I never owed anyone a cent at the end. I want to eliminate people dependancy as much as possible. I also know asking questions is the key to unlock the sale door. I have the job I have now over a tribe of better qualified applicants by playing with words and I never answered 1 question they asked , rather I turned it around and I asked them one in return to lead the conversation where I wanted it to go and that I was the man for the job. Your input is terific and mate i am primed !!!

    Pat Jones

  2. Hi Mal – when I go to your seminars there is so much I come away and do nothing – just watched this video and have got a huge amount out of it that I am putting into practice and feeling good about what I am doing and getting results – – just thought I should let you know

    – thanks

  3. Hi Mal, Great little videao grab here,I think most people in Business need to ask themselves this impottant questions regarding positioning. Thanks.

  4. A great point – a simple shift in persective from being a product or service provider to being a marketing company can have a huge impact. How many businesses out there treat marketing as a pain in the ass that they’d rather not think about (or spend money on)? Do it right, and if you need to, bite the bullet and spend some money to get the right staff or hire like-minded experts to craft effective marketing messages and it will be returned many times over!

  5. Hi Mal, Well done once again Mal you are the master of your craft.Please do not tire of passing on your wisdom. I look forward to our meeting on the 17th as part of your program.
    Thanks Clint.

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