Building Your Herd And Your Reputation With Them

Building Your Herd And Your Reputation With Them

The most important thing is your business is your list of clients and your relationship with them.

This is about building a client database, what I call your herd, and creating a long term relationship with them.

Watch this video for another powerful insight which is about making your bonus your product.

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  1. Greetings Mal and team ,
    Thanks for the email mate , it is what i am now doing on ebay myself and thus far its early days but im working more focussed and closely to create more products to get out amoung the “herd” so i can find what “they want most” then when i find that out ,i will multiply it over and over. So its back to my office to create and innovate and make my autonomy ring true sooner rather than later. thanks again”mateeyes”}.
    kind reguards sencerely

  2. Thanks Mel & team for showing a young man how simple this learning curve is going to be. Every email holds more value than any others ever recieved. This has been a month now of your emails and just booked for platnum,Dont Know how on earth im going to get there but will give it everything.

    Look forward to seeing this in action


  3. spot on Mal. With this one I like so many people are guilty of knowing it but not acting on it.

    there is a big difference between knowing that I need to build my list and actively investing time and money into doing it

    i’m finally off my butt and doing it big time now, so thanks

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