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Having A High Status Allows You To Print Money Legally

You might remember last month how I talked about how you can rig success and how I have managed to do that personally and business wise.

Well this month, I am going to reveal the most important thing I did that made the biggest impact in the shortest possible time where my income was concerned.

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People Hate It But Success Is Rigged


People are often offended by the concept that success is rigged. More particularly, people who aren’t successful get really blocked up by that thought.

The reason I think it aggravates them so much is because it squarely puts the responsibility on them for their lack of success and that doesn’t make them very comfortable.

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The Secret Is All In Skill Level


Did you know 95% of businesses will never reach a million dollars in turn over, of the remaining 5% only 0.08% will reach 5 million dollars in turn over. And of the remaining 4% only 1.5% will reach $10 million dollars in turn over. Finally only 1 in 25 companies will only last 10 years and 96% of businesses won’t make it past 10 years.

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No Use Fishing In A Smelly Pond

1333114443_63453452345At a recent (last week in fact) closed door one day event attended by 12 or so ‘Shakers and Movers’ who pay me $18K each for the privilege, one member made a damning omission. You see, when you sign up to attend “Think Tank” which it is affectionately known as, you agree to keep everything that is said behind closed doors…behind closed doors.


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Why People Fail

1330520171_5345w45424Unlike my normal Rants, which are mostly about money (although all this strongly  relates to money), I’m instead going to get a bit deep and meaningful for a change. Not quite sure how I will go but I will give it my best shot.

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The Number 1 Secret To Wealth

1330422697_378px_Mike_TysonCould it be true that there is a number 1 secret to wealth? Well, I believe there is and let me put it to you this way. I expect you will remember Mike Tyson, the famous and infamous world heavy weight boxing champion. What you may not know is Mike Tyson earned about 400 million dollars during his boxing career and was paid up to 10 million dollars per fight. In his early years he had a mentor who took care of him and in his later years after his first mentor died he had a mentor who didn’t take quite such good care of him.

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Two Only Certainties In Life

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn an uncertain world, it’s nice to know there are some certainties… or is it? The two most common certainties are death and taxes… I would add “change” to that list and the rate of change seems to be speeding up. If you are not embracing change you will soon be left behind.


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