Differentiate Or Die

Differentiate Or Die

There will be winners and losers.

Whether you know it or not, there is a NEW Economy. Rich and poor will co-exist. But the gap will become bigger and bigger like never before. The need to be in sync with where the money is moving is no longer an option but a necessity.

Money will move (still based on supply and demand) in such an abundance, you will be crazy – in fact insane – not to want to move where it (money) is.

Sitting on the fence watching it happen may be the equivalent of committing commercial Harri-Karri.

The name of the game is to be the least and last affected, not the first and most affected by competitive elements or economic disasters you may consider to be out of your control.

Here is how to move where the money is….

People make decision to buy on price if that is the only choice you give them and they don’t know your product is better until they buy. So having the best product or service gives you no marketing advantage whatsoever because they can’t tell until they have actually bought it.

Sure having the best product or service will bring you more referrals and more repeat business after the fact but not before the fact.

As an aside, that’s why book titles are so important and that’s why attractive people get more dates.  You only find out about your compatibility after you are in a relationship. So you much get the idea out of your head that you deserve success because you have the best product or service in your category.

In fact, I will go so far as to say, having the best product or service can be a disadvantage because your marketing suffers. Instead, what you must do is differentiate your product or service and there are 5 ways to do this.

  1. The product itself – product breakthrough is valid but flawed if you know what I know. It’s flawed because it’s costly, time consuming and dangerous, yet still valid.
  2. Process change – Proactive, the pimple cream, you would have seen on TV has use a process change to become what I believe is a half a billion plus product per year. The process change is a thing called forced continuity. When you buy the first time you are forced to buy it for life or until you cancel. If it wasn’t for this process change it would never be a half a billion dollar product.
  3. Service differentiation – Tom Monaghan who created Domino’s Pizza built his empire on the delivery of pizza. I have a client who‘s built his Taxation Accounting business on it being a mobile to your home service and he’s taken an ordinary business and made it extraordinary by doing so… This is service differentiation.
  4. Personality, expert, celebrity – the George Foreman Grill was a product rolled out for Christmas pretty much purchased by people who couldn’t think of anything else to buy. However, once they attached the celebrity status of George Foreman to it, it became a multi-million if not billion dollar product.
  5. Streetsmart Marketing – marketing breakthrough is the best form of differentiation and the highest paying job, I believe, on the planet.

So, don’t fall for that “I’ve got such a great product or service, I shouldn’t have to sell or market it” mistake, instead differentiate your product or service through Streetsmart Marketing or die in the New Economy where money will move in abundance to those smart enough to differentiate.

All the best,

Mal Emery
Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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  1. Greetings Mal ol mate,

    I find this a rather slightly nice polite roundhouse to my nose, not that anybody would be able to ‘DIFFERENTIATE’ and distinguish between the before CLOUT and after with my lumpy melon, except a few cleanex’s mopping up.

    The devide between the 95/5 with your findings is quite the belting with the gloves off too ol mate Mal and yeah,im feeling it somewhat at my end too,so it has “real awareness attatched to it and its rather the motivational drive with a sense of urgency but im here for the long term and i dont give up and i refuse to comply.

    If i had to rename your number (2) marketing display i would call it( H&K-9 MARKETING ),’Talk about forced to committ consumers’,what a powerfull stratergy without the exit wounds and powder burns & very robust in any ecconomy ,i would love to get their legal disclaimers and model them.

    As for number (5)-MARKETING BREAKTHROUGH,’well im breathing as much (E.D.R.M.) as i possible can fit in and mate i have to say im being flogged and its only the second round,so im dropping my gaurd somewhere over here ?,’tut’!,but you will not see a towel in sight.

    And for number (1)-VALID BUT FLAWED,You wrote “if you know what i know”?,and Im here to say mate that “if i did know what you did know” ?,YOU WOULD BE AT MARGARET RIVER NOW WITH A FINE RED AND A FRESH WATER CRAY,without too much wind blowing with the freemantle dr.,BUT hey im working on learning just the marketing side of what you have or as close to as poss will do.

    By the way too ol mate thank you sincerely for the dvd’s and mail outs,it my wind between the rounds so to say,if you get my drift ?

    Kind regards.



  2. Thanks Quinson and Rodney for your post.. Rodney when I say ” knowing what I know ” it all begins by recognising their is NO money in your product or service ALL THE MONEY IS IN THE MARKETING OF YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE.

    That is a huge distinction and makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

    Best Mal

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