Dominating All Marketing Media

Dominating All Marketing Media

You must dominate all Marketing Media in your category, not just one media. Average out the cost of your leads by putting all media in one bucket.

This is the formula that you have to get right – You need to achieve a Media and Message match for supreme client competitive advantage.


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  1. Hmmmn..Mals Marketing Recipe hey’, lets see if i have got this now ?


    Im going to prescribe this mental nutritional
    suppliment “to my self now’

    1). – Take products to “all media & blend , mix &
    Marinate untill its piping “hot” & “full of flavour” ( 11 secret psychological herbs & spices )- top that mr.sanders..

    2). -Serve “emotional direct response marketing”
    liberally , then enjoy a “feast amongst freinds
    and your local bank account manager”.

    Travel the world & give ol mate Mal emery a well deserved holiday…

    OK got it Mal.
    Thank you again “mateeyes”.
    Have an outstanding day.

    Kind reguards.

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