EXPOSED Millionaire Wealth Secret 1

EXPOSED Millionaire Wealth Secret 1

Did you know, that in 1986, Pat Riley, the then coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, applied a simple, yet incredibly powerful strategy in order to win the NBA Championships?
He asked each of his players to improve their skills in 5 critical areas by just 1% over their personal best.

Although at first glance, 1% may not seem a big improvement, he figured if 12 players improved by 1% in 5 areas, the…

Combined improvement is a massive 60% !

Here’s what actually happened. Most players increased their performance by 5%, and some by as much as 50%. According to Pat Riley, 1987 was their easiest season ever.

Now, let’s think about that for a moment…

What if you applied that same formula to your business? What if right now I gave you on a silver platter, “7 Wealth Secrets” that you can apply to 7 key areas of your business, easy to tap in to profit centres, and a simple idea or two to make each profit centre a little more profitable?

Now that’s not asking too much, is it? Just tiny incremental improvements can amount to massive improvement in profits. Even for the laziest of you, this should be easy to achieve. But it gets even better. Did you know, that you can DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS if you increase these 7 areas by a mere 11%?

Amazing, but true.

Anyway, these “7 Wealth Secrets” can be used in virtually any type of business. It won’t matter if it is online or offline, retail or wholesale, service or distribution. I’ve owned 25+ businesses myself, and coached in 100+ categories, so I should know.

In fact, I’ve proven that they work. The only thing stopping them working for you, will be you. So let’s get cracking. After all, you’re here to make more money, to improve your
bottom line. And if I’m not mistaken, you’re keen to work less and spend more time with your family.

MILLIONAIRE Wealth Secret #1

Find a Need and Fill it, Identify a Problem and SOLVE it; Put Another Way, Sell What People WANT to Buy!

…You’re visiting a foreign country and as most often happens when in a new environment, your senses have come alive. You look around in awe at sights you’ve never beheld, your ears are on high alert with the barrage of strange and wonderful new sounds and your nose is almost twitching in response to the new, hypnotic odours. But it’s not just these senses that seem to awaken from a deep sleep; something else can happen when we visit places we’ve never been before. The whole experience seems to give rise to something of the entrepreneur!

“Look at that; I haven’t seen that sold anywhere at home. They’re everywhere you look! I bet I could make a killing if I brought some trianti-wonti-gongs into Australia!” But it isn’t always because of an overseas holiday that someone decides that the country would benefit from buying a certain something and with that thought firmly entrenched, proceed to commit their hard earned money and valuable time to flogging what sadly turns out to be a “dead horse”. It happens all the time! Such “great ideas” often prove to be great misconceptions!

Sell Stuff People WANT to BUY! This is a GOLDEN RULE disguised as six simple little words! If you SOLVE a PROBLEM for someone; take their pain away, they will pay you well for it! So many people approach the whole thing back–to-front; they have a ‘great idea’ or find a ‘great product’ and expect people to want what they are offering without even identifying whether or not there is actually


Let me give you an example; we have a client who had a snoring problem. Well he shared this problem with his wife of course, as she got less sleep than he did because of it! These people were suffering because of this problem; they were in some kind of PAIN! It just so happens that this person had bought a marketing package from me with the intention of starting a home based business. In simple terms, one night unable to sleep, he switched on his computer and desperate to find help with the snoring that kept them both awake, he typed ‘snoring’ into a search engine. The result was a product came up, which ultimately became the product he sold from his home based business, as a joint venture! Two years on, this business was sold as a going concern for almost a six figure sum!

What he did is simple! He identified a problem which an ENORMOUS amount of people suffer from and he offered them a solution! Think about it; how BIG is the market that snorers comprise? HUGE!! The process involves three things – your product, your sales pitch and your delivery system.

* First you have to have something to sell that people WANT.

* You need an effective sales pitch to TELL THEM ABOUT IT

* You need a way of GETTING it FROM YOUR HANDS to THEIRS.

We can look at it another way; have you ever felt the urge to pour yourself a drink, curl up in a chair and browse through the Yellow Pages? I doubt it. But when you need a tree lopped – because if it doesn’t get lopped it will blow over in the next squall and damage your house, or worse injure someone, or some new tyres – because yours are bald and driving you car has become dangerous, or maybe a Skip Bin – because your front garden looks like a tip, the Yellow Pages is the first place you are likely to look. You have a problem and you are confident you’ll find a solution to it, within its pages.

Take people from problem to solution; from pain to pleasure!

Best Regards,

Mal Emery

Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

P.S. Watch out for Wealth Secret # 2


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