EXPOSED Millionaire Wealth Secret 5

EXPOSED Millionaire Wealth Secret 5

If there is one thing that will multiply your wealth more than any other it’s the ability to create systems within your business to the extent that it will run just as well without you as it will with you sitting in the driver’s seat calling the shots. The secret to achieving the ultimate business and all the benefits that brings is in perfecting the ultimate system – marketing and operationally. So we’re on the same page, here is what the typical definition of a SYSTEM is laid out as:

“A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole. A condition of harmonious, orderly interaction.” And I would add, reliable, predictable and consistent.

And here’s the correct definition of a business:

“A commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you”.

Remember Henry Ford’s famous comment when releasing the T Model Ford, “You can have any colour as long as it’s black”. What Ford created was the ultimate system to maximize production and profits.

McDonald’s is another prime example. The system that has been created in the biggest burger empire in the world can and has been replicated across the globe with bounding success. Lasttime I heard, McDonald’s controlled 43% of the burger market worldwide. Do you think the late Ray Krok, the mastermind behind the empire used to flip burgers in every McDonald’s?

I doubt it.

The system that Krok created is perfectly replicatable to the point where they can train 14 year old kids to create identical burgers from China to Texas. The key to Krok’s success was having the foresight and knowledge that the money wasn’t in the doing of the thing, the money was in the
marketing of the thing. Every move that Krok made was to remove himself from the doing, so he had more time to spend on the creating.

As Tim Ferris says in his best seller ‘The Four Hour Workweek’(if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you get yourself a copy), he no longer works in his business anymore, despite it turning over 7 figures. There is not one area that needs his input to run. He acts more like a policeman strolling up and down and keeping check that all is in order, tweaking where necessary. By creating systems for every scenario and stepping outside the everyday operations he is able to concentrate on where the money is – the structure and marketing. Not only this, he’s able to work on these areas when he chooses from anywhere in the world… Hence, ‘The Four Hour Work Week’.Sounds pretty good to me!

The reality is, for ultimate success you must have…

An affordable, reliable, predictable, efficient ‘SYSTEM’ for attracting and servicing an abundance of quality clients and prospects any time you like.

This formula applies irrespective of what business you’re in, provided you do need clients and customers in hoards and what business doesn’t! You don’t need to be a Henry Ford or a Ray Krok! Every single Rebellious Millionaire Entrepreneur I’ve worked with knows this giant revelation to be true and spend literally every minute of their working life on it.

From a marketing perspective, systemization means we’re not advertising victims. We don’t run ads or do anything else in a marketing sense wondering what the result will be. Instead our ‘SYSTEM’ (within a few small variations) means we can go to bed at night knowing how much business is coming our way by noon tomorrow ensuring complete peace of mind.

System could be read…







‘AFFORDABILITY’ means you don’t have to outlay a fortune to make a fortune. It means you can predictably forecast your cost per lead, your cost per sale to the point where you either make money or you make money!

Although the cost per lead from one media to the other may vary, provided it is ‘AFFORDABLE’ there’s no reason why you wouldn’t do it week in, week out. In fact I would go as far as to say – budgets are for losers. After all if you had a proven system for making money, why would you limit how much you make.

‘EFFICIENCY’ in the marketing world of business means without lots of expense, difficulty or problems. For most business owners it’s the polar opposite of course. Most, figuratively speaking end up being chained to a cash register and owned by their customers or clients.

One of the big bonuses for business owners who use my style of emotional direct response marketing, is that ‘The Giant Revelation’ gives them their life back and provides independence from the continual need of hands-on involvement.

‘ABUNDANCE’ and ‘QUALITY’ means we have the ability to attract more ideal clients or prospects than we need. After all there’s no point in having an abundance of prospects who have no iota of interest in what it is you have to offer. That’s why quantity is often much less valuable than quality. I’d take a small quantity of qualified clients any day in preference.

Our ‘SYSTEM’ of course acts as a filter and delivers an abundance of quality prospects and clients. Thus, offering you the ultimate ‘freedom’. The freedom to choose who you’d damn well like to do business with.

Once we can turn the tap on at any point with our ‘Marketing System’, and have the ‘Back Up System’ to implement, we can enjoy an effortless, profit filled business model. It really is that simple!
Best Regards,

Mal Emery

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