EXPOSED Millionaire Wealth Secret 7

EXPOSED Millionaire Wealth Secret 7

Continuing on from last week’s rant, here’s…Millionaire Wealth Secret #2. It’s these secrets, above all others that I’m sharing here, that have provided me with a lifestyle most people only dream of.

So let’s get into it because these ARE secrets few, if anybody, are using. It’s your chance to have an unfair advantage in your marketplace, in your niche.

Finally Revealed – The Most Powerful Secret Moneymaking Marketing Tactic Ever! Recently, I was listening to a Dan Kennedy CD. Most of you should remember Dan. He’s that American guy who’s desperately trying to be like Mal Emery in Australia (just kidding). Anyway, Dan was asked what one tactic above all others he would use to create wealth.

His instant response was “An Outrageous Offer”. No arguments from me, I’ve known and implemented this strategy for years.

In fact, in crafting any ad or sales letter, contrary to many famous advertising or copywriting gurus who maintain the headline is the first thing you write, the FIRST THING I CREATE IS MY OFFER. That way, it makes the rest of my job a whole lot easier.

And we like it being easy.

The reason the offer is so important is it breaks down that major barrier to business which is lack of trust and scepticism. Here are the major reasons why people don’t buy from you when you think they should.

1. They simply don’t WANT what you are selling.

2. They CAN’T AFFORD to buy what you are selling.

3. They do not believe you are telling them the truth about the product, and they are very SCEPTICAL about you delivering on your promises.

The first two reasons for not buying you can understand. The third reason of course is not acceptable, and that’s where almost all lost sales are in fact lost. I mean, pick up any newspaper or magazine and see how whimpy the ads are when it comes to the offer. So the purpose of an outrageous offer is to convince the most SCEPTICAL of prospects to buy.

Here’s the most powerful offer I believe you can ever make. It’s called Try Before You Buy or a 30 Day Hold. Most people either never attempt such a strategy, because they think they will be swamped with returns, they don’t know how powerful this SECRET is, or they simply don’t know about it. From my knowledge and experience, offering a Try Before You Buy strategy triples sales and doubles returns. It works something like this…

In your call to action, on your sales letter, ad or webpage, as well as your order form, write something like this:

We are so convinced you’ll be absolutely delighted with our <insert your product here> we’re going to give you a full 30 Days before we deposit your cheque. That will be plenty of time for you to try our <insert your product here> out, and discover for yourself how wonderful it is. In fact, if you are dissatisfied for ANY reason or NO reason at all, you can return the product to us and we’ll send back your uncashed cheque the same day we receive the product back. If you place your order via credit card, we will not process your credit card for 30 Days. And if you decide to return the product, we’ll destroy your credit card details and your card will never be charged.

If you are one of those sceptics that think this is far too risky, then tell me why some of the oldest and biggest direct marketing companies like Rodale Publishing WON’T EVEN LET YOU PAY for a book in advance. You have probably seen their order form you simply have to sign and return, which states “But don’t send any money!” The truth is they’ve mastered the psychology of the prospect and they know their math.

OK, you may find this too much to swallow, then how about I suggest you use it DURING THE TESTING PROCESS. Why in heck would I suggest that?

Here’s why… when you market like this, the results you are going to get are going to be the best you can humanly hope for. The big secret here is failing! And if you are going to fail, you want to fail fast, often and as cheaply as possible so you can get on to the next project. Reality is, if your marketing doesn’t pull a decent return when you don’t even ask them to send you money, it is certainly not going to pull a decent return when you ask them to put their hand in their pocket.

Watch out for next week’s Millionaire Wealth Secret #3. It’s a BIG, BIG secret. Quite honestly if you just got this one right, you could almost mess up on everything else.

Best Regards,

Mal Emery If You Want Your Phone To Ring, Your Advertising Must Get People’s Attention, and Arouse Emotions!

Here’s a 5 step advertising TEST you should put all your marketing and advertising through NOW.

1. Get Attention!

2. Arouse interest and emotion.

3. Tell an interesting story in a believable way.

4. Offer an incentive to take action, NOW.

5. Ask for action, and make it easy for people to do it.

The first, and most important, step is to get attention. Your advertising will not stimulate responses unless it gets read. It will not be read if it is not noticed. And, it will not be noticed unless it Gets People’s Attention! In fact, 80 – 90% of the success of any ad is the direct result of how well the headline gets attention!!

If you don’t believe me, go look at “People Magazine”, “Redbook”, “New Idea”, “Woman’s Day” and so on. In fact, here are the headlines on the current Redbook magazine which I subscribe to from the US.

– “Attention Multi -Taskers, Are You Addicted To Stress?”

– “Sex, Have More Fun In Bed! 19 Moves To Try Tonight”

– “Health Mistakes, You Can Fix Them Right Now”

– “68 Ways To Look And Feel Your Very Best”

– “Will He Cheat? 7 Tell Tale Signs, Plus What Keeps Couples Close”

Warning – what you’re about to read may shock you!

Whether or not you read, like, or even approve of any of the publications we just discussed, you’d have to be blind to get past a magazine rack or grocery checkout line without at least noticing these covers and attention-grabbing headlines. Can you say the same about your advertising?

Are your advertising messages exciting or boring? What do your business cards, marketing letters and brochures look like? Are you really saying or doing anything different from anybody else???

Every month, the editors of all these magazines and newspapers do everything they can possibly think of TO GRAB YOUR ATTENTION! While you may not agree with the pictures or underlying messages, millions of these magazines are sold each week because emotions stir up more sales than logic ever will!

The biggest mistake you can make in marketing is to use a straightforward, “professional” approach that attempts to appeal to people’s sensibilities. Yet, over 95% of all businesses and sales people make it over and over!

Logical advertising is dead advertising. Emotions are what motivate people to take notice and respond. If your advertising is boring, it won’t make money!

Now stop for a moment and think. Think about your advertising. Think about your company’s advertising. Think about the brochures you give to people. Are people beating down your doors and ringing your phone off the hook to get to you because of what you do, the titles you hold, or the colourful brochures? Typical “business card style” advertisements that many businesses use to get their name and phone number in front of the public.

If you want to get people’s attention, you have to be saying things that will actually get their attention!

Well, there you have it. 7 vital Wealth Secrets that will bring you great success if you exploit them properly. Remember, I told you at the start, that my 7 Wealth Secrets wouldn’t be worth a cent to you if you’re making 1 critical mistake that most people make.

More about that next week… Keep an eye out for:

The 1 Critical Mistake that is Keeping You Stuck!
Best Regards,

Mal Emery

P.S. To learn how to quickly and easily turn your old and boring advertising into irresistible sales copy that automatically grabs the attention of your prospects and increase your sales massively, check out my Killer Copywriting Course at my webstore at

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