Finally The Big Fat Dumb Companies Are Waking Up

Finally The Big Fat Dumb Companies Are Waking Up

If you run an ad of any kind in any media then you must read this…

Quite simply with this blog, it’s my intention to make you a lot more money without spending any more than you are already spending.

The good or bad news, depending on your perspective, is that the big fat dumb companies who wouldn’t normally be open to this “game changer” strategy previously, suddenly are.

I’m going to cut to the chase, the strategy I am referring to is called an advertorial.

An advertorial is when you run an ad in any media where it is made to look like that particular media did it or wrote it, or both.
The reason it works so well is that it tricks the prospect into believing it’s NOT an ad.

So why would you do that?

It’s simple really, the accepted statistic is 22 more people read or listen to an editorial than a straight up ad…

Only a couple of days ago I was going through the West Australian Newspaper on a Wednesday and commented to my wife how it seemed bigger than usual, im sure it was because it was to a large extent, pages and pages of ads with a little bit of editorial sprinkled through it.

Page after page had just 1, or at best, 2 pieces of editorial on them.

And guess where my eyes went…

Well it certainly wasn’t for the ads, it was straight to the editorial on every page.

Based on the statistic I revealed earlier, your just like me also.

So ask yourself this question… Why would you make your ad look like an ad when 22 more people won’t read it that would read it if it was an advertorial style?

So you could imagine my surprise on Wednesday when I came across a company in the car industry doing an advertorial style of ad in the general pages of the newspaper…

Heck, they were even smart enough to not to run it in the car section where the readership would have been far less.


I have included a copy of it here, it’s great work. They need to be congratulated for it and I expect that they probably have by increased sales in what is a very difficult time for the car industry.

They’re in probably lies the reason why they are doing advertorial style ads, business has got tougher for them and what they used to do doesn’t work like it used to.

Welcome to a business world that has been turned upside down.

But at least they are doing something about it… not just throwing their arms in the air and complaining about it like most business owners do.

As an aside, their competitors probably think they have gone nuts, but those competitors don’t know our statistics do they…

You will note with this ad, they have wrapped what’s called editorial around their normal ad, that’s where the term ‘advertorial’ comes from.

It’s both, editorial and an ad.

I have included the full page here for your reference, there are other legitimate editorial and a traditional ad on the same page.


And then they include it in their editorial historical market data that proves what they say is true.

In other words, they didn’t talk about the colour of a car or how many cylinders it has or how much petrol it uses… they did something much better and much more powerful.

They used “Market Data”.

Anyway, I have included that ad here as well for your information.

Please don’t think this style of marketing doesn’t work in other media, it works brilliantly on TV, except on TV usually an interview style where a person masquerading as a journalist interviews a product or service owner.

Similarly, that could work on radio and even online.

REMEMBER, more people listen and respond to advertorial style ads than any other form of ad and this, if you do it, will give you an unfair economic advantage over your competitors and that’s the number 1 thing you want.

By using advertorial style advertising in all media is a ‘game changer’ strategy

All the best,
Mal Emery

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