Find Things That People Want That Are Not EXPLOITED Properly The Simplest Wealth Secret PLUS That Dirty Rotten Marketing Trick That Is Going To Upset A Lot Of People

Find Things That People Want That Are Not EXPLOITED Properly The Simplest Wealth Secret PLUS That Dirty Rotten Marketing Trick That Is Going To Upset A Lot Of People

I’ve made a pastime and fortune of “EXPLOITING” markets better than my competitors. By that I mean I’m always looking out for a product or a service that is doing “well” in spite of the quality of the marketing.

Seems to me to be the logical way to go about creating wealth. When I say marketing, the critical tool I refer to is the ability to EXPLOIT and apply the psychology of copywriting and or the ability to EXPLOIT other or new media.

I suppose the best way I can explain this process is to give you an example. And I will give you a current one: With the ageing population and the success of snoring products, I gathered information with the intention of EXPLOITING the deficiencies in my view of the “players” in the snoring market.

Although there are many snoring products to be found if you know where to look, few if any EXPLOIT Emotional Direct Response Marketing techniques and tools like CDs, DVDs and lumpy mail, to the extent I have and intend to.

Nor do they use the strategies and tactics ie massive added value, double your money back guarantees, 30 day hold “send no money”, although if they searched hard enough they’d find companies that have been utilising these types of strategies for years. The double your money back guarantee alone will increase sales by at least 50% and strangely decreases refunds by up to 50%. Surprised? What about the 30 day hold that I discussed in a previous Nudge?


Again, $200,000,000 companies have been built on this one premise, yet most of you will shudder at the thought. The reality is they collect around 80% of the money from the sale from the 30 day hold strategy, but their sales increase by as much as 300% and their refunds double. After all, look at the math. Let’s say you did $3000 in sales without the send no money strategy, and you got the mandatory 10% returns. That would equate to $300 in returns leaving you a total of $2700. Now with your 30 day hold send no money strategy your sales have increased to somewhere around $9000 with double the returns of $1800, LEAVING YOU WITH $7200. IT’S A NO-BRAINER! If you’re stats for one reason or another worked out 50% as good, you’d still be way in front.

We haven’t even touched on media as an EXPLOITATION. Recently a snoring product that we took to morning TV as an infomercial on Bert Newton’s old show included the customary 1800 Free Report and here’s what shocked the TV infomercial people – we had approximately 400 calls on the telephone, and surprisingly roughly 600 captured on the website. Here I was simply able to EXPLOIT a new media, the internet, using my free report. My infomercial friends got to contemplate how much money has been left unbanked for years.

This is a perfect example of the “EXPLOITATION” of different media using Emotional Direct Response Marketing. All of which we’ve been unable to find a competitor who does or understands. GOOD NEWS IS WE CHARGE $147 FOR THIS PRODUCT, OUR COMPETITORS WHO DON’T KNOW WHAT WE KNOW HAVE COMMODITISED IT AND CAN ONLY GET $45 FOR IT. I’ve simply found something that people want that wasn’t “EXPLOITED” properly. Don’t ever tell me you can’t find something to sell!

Last week I promised to reveal more dirty rotten marketing tricks that are guaranteed to upset a few people. Obviously the one above would upset your and my competitor if they knew what we knew. However, the dirty rotten marketing trick I intended to reveal in this Nudge will not be revealed at this time. Reason being I have determined it is too sensitive for this environment. There is only one environment that I am prepared to reveal all, and that is in person at my seminars or any seminar I may appear at. Here’s four seminars I’ll be doing on the East Coast of Australia in the next month or so that you might like to attend so as I can reveal my incredibly controversial dirty rotten marketing trick to you…

Of Course I’ll also reveal it to my Platinum Members during their next closed door.


Committed to multiplying your profits.

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