Get Celebrity Status Instantly

Get Celebrity Status Instantly

Over the last seven weeks we’ve explored one by one my personal “Speed Wealth Secrets”. Hopefully you’ve taken heed and realized, with a few small tweaks and re-adjustments, you can catapult your success immeasurably.

Now that you have the big rocks in place I’m going to start giving you the pebbles to place in-between. If you study, and more importantly implement these strategies you’ll create a solid foundation that will see you (unless you bugger it up) as the maven in your niche.

These days it’s not enough to believe that you have a great product or service to offer. No matter how many of your friends tell you you’re on to a winner, or your mum lathers you in golden child praise, unless your customers know WHY what you’re offering is the best, then sadly, all the ego stroking in the world won’t be enough to save your business from pushing up daisy’s in a few short years… nay months. I’ve seen it happen, believe me, tomorrows next big thing can become yesterday’s news in the blink of an eye.

Obviously if you’ve been taking notice of my rants over the past years, you won’t have this problem, as you would have already found your customer base before creating your product, so in my best guess, the reason why such a huge percentage of businesses fail in the first 5 years won’t affect you… RIGHT?

So, assuming your product or service has a market place, and unless you’re the only one with such a unique offering, have secured your spot on Oprah and are already counting the coconuts on a tropical paradise somewhere then you need a strategy to leverage yourself above the competition. To stand out from the other businesses doing what you do or offering what you offer. Remember, to them you are no different.

There are multitudes of ways to differentiate yourself, the keys being the last seven “Speed Wealth Secrets” I’ve shared. (If you missed out on them visit but to catapult yourself to true celebrity status, there are a few more strategies you can make use of… one of the most powerful is to become a published author.

Now this may seem like a daunting task, but let’s look at how you much leverage this could give you:

– A published author has instant credibility and trust. Authors are elevated in our minds instantly as gurus or mavens in their industry.

– You can use your book to get publicity on radio and TV, send a copy of your book and suggested interview questions and you’re away if you can wrap a good story around it.

– Send a copy of your book to potential clients, if they’re tossing up between two suppliers, you can bet that you will leap frog your competition with this instant credibility giver.

– Throw your book in as a bonus with your product to add value.

– Break your book up into sections to create enough newsletter content or mini-eBooks to last 12 months.

Are you starting to get the picture? Now you may be thinking… sure…just throw a book together, that’ll take me at least two years and then some, but here are a few tricks of the trade that can see you pumping out a book in as little as one day.

– Buy the ‘Private Reprint Rights’ to a pre-written book in your niche. This allows you to change the words and cover etc… to whatever you like, but the majority of the work is done for you. Alternatively you can publish it word for word and write the forward which gives you the book without the work.

– Compile all your thoughts and notes together and then hire a ghost writer to put it down on paper for you. You can pay between $2,000 – $50,000 to have this done by a professional writer without having to hardly lift a finger. If you’ve ever wondered how celebrity authors publish do many books, the Robert Kiyosaki’s etc… then here’s their little known secret- that they don’t actually write it all themselves.

– Another neat trick is to simply talk into a little voice recorder and get it transcribed, voila… book! this is great (especially if you’re like me and are a one finger typist) because you can write down the structure of your book, chapter headings etc, then just fill in the blanks. Dictate a chapter a night and in a week you’re done!

So, if you’re looking to get the edge over your competition, and gain instant celebrity status along the way, then start planning.Anyway, it’s a nice feeling to see your book staring back at you from the bookstore shelf too!

Best Regards,

Mal Emery

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