Get Ready For A Quantum Leap

Get Ready For A Quantum Leap

Today is your lucky day, you see there is one area of making money that can give you a quantum leap and insure you never have to worry about it again.

Multi multi multi millionaire, maybe billionaire, Howard Ruff said, “If I could teach my children one skill and one skill only to ensure that they never have to worry about money it would be the skill of marketing and exposure.” And he is right of course.

It is the skill above all other whether you work for someone else or wisely choose to work for yourself in business that makes all the difference to the level of financially success you achieve.

And there is a CRITICAL SECRET to marketing success I’m about to reveal here….

The critical secret to marketing success is you don’t need to learn everything. You see, 80% of your marketing success you will be able to attribute to 20% of your activity and 80% of your success can be achieve by only doing that 20%. Start measuring what’s working best and only do that. So there’s the good news, in reality there is about half a dozen marketing strategies and tactics that you need to get good at that will account for most of your success.

First, let’s define the definition of marketing. Here’s mine: The business activity of PRESENTING products and services to POTENTIAL prospects that make them EAGER to buy. The keywords here are PRESENTING (showing), POTENTIAL (real possibility), and EAGER (greater desire).

So you’re in the marketing business of XYZ and if you’re a marketer like I am, the XYZ can come and go that’s why marketing is the core principle that makes all the difference to your success.

Here are 5 BIG REASONS why you should make learning marketing your priority.

#1 Nobody knows your product or service better than you do… let’s face it, it’s your baby, nobody lives and breath your business like you do.

#2 Nobody cares about your business as much as you do… now it won’t matter how much you pay them, it’s simply human nature that no one else will lay awake at night trying to figure out how to make your business better like you will.

#3 So you can understand if a coach, consultant, copywriter, etc is doing a good job… even if you hire someone like me, you want to be able to check on me. After all I’ll never know your business like you will.

#4 If you don’t know how to do the marketing, you will always be dependent on someone else for your success for your life.

#5 The market place will no longer tolerate your ineptness or ignorance where your ability to be a marketer is concerned, simply you will be left behind sooner rather than later.

Why don’t people put everything into learning marketing?

#1 They are bad at it… frankly if you are bad at it, that’s a perfect reason to get good at it. Conversely hire someone who is and pay them a lot because it’s the only thing that will make you money.

#2 Don’t like it… here I advise you to get over it and start liking it. In fact what I’ve noticed over many years with people who start not liking it is when they get over their fears end up loving it. In fact you can no longer read the news paper without “critiquing” other people’s stupidity.

#3 Most people are not born with the marketing and sale brain, we’re still where a lot of people have an aversion against marketing and sale. It’s a form of hang up that you can’t afford to have in business.

Now the good news is, it’s a learnable skill and if you’ll just devote an isolated week or 2 to learning the skills of marketing and sale you too can be just like Howard Ruff children. You’ll wonder where the money’s been hiding all those all these lean years and you will never have to worry about money again.

Ok, if you have read this far and you realise marketing is the big secret I want to reward you.  Here is your only chance to get your hands on one of my best selling products at a fraction of it’s normal cost PLUS with a bonus offer I doubt I’ll ever repeat.

If you go to the link below you will be able to purchase my “Mega Marketing Pack” normally valued at $797 and get a certificate for a 1 hr consultation with me valued at $800 (by appointment over the phone or in my office) for just one time offer of $237, that’s a genuine saving of $$1360.

I’m calling this the “Mega Marketing Super Pack” and quite honestly I hope you see the value of picking up an hour with me for just $237 if you’re quick. Hang on let’s make it for only the first 27 orders we receive, after all there is only one of me.

At this appointment I will diagnose and prescribe solution to your most pressing business, marketing and sale problem and frankly if I can’t you may be in big trouble.

All the best,

Mal Emery
Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism



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  1. Thanks Mal, I like what you say. I’m aware of many things that are holding me back….I just need to get on and DO IT !


  2. Mal I would be honored to spend an hour with you.
    But you would have to come to Rockhampton in sunny Queensland.
    I am still working for a company and finish up mid August to take my invention to the brisbane boat show.
    Problem No1 is $2000 short for the booking of a small site at the show No2 time I am working then coming home and producing the boat collars under the house to have enough stock and fit it to my dingy for photos and testing by the govt marine dept.
    Work has been down scaleing my responsabillities and making me feel not wanted lately so I am more than keen to finish up and go it alone.
    Thanks for the offer may be soon as finance allows but I have prioritized and the Boat Show is No1.

    Cheers Pat

  3. Thank you for highlighting there is about half a dozen marketing strategies and tactics that a business owner has to get good at. It is best to learn these from a master who has used them to create outstanding success.

    Then of course the secret is to put them into action.

  4. Great stuff Mal, nice to see you back out front again. I see you’ve discovered Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher too ;o) Their stuff is amazing and I’m sure you’re seeing results already.

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