Gimmicks And The Wardrobe Malfunction

Gimmicks And The Wardrobe Malfunction

Do you really believe Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunctioned? Or do you think it was a GIMMICK, in fact a deliberate ploy to bring attention to herself and her about to be released new album, song or movie or whatever it was?

I conclude Jackson’s mistake was intentional.

I remember reading about one of Dan Kennedy’s clients who mailed a mountain of postcards driving people to call – the wrong number, followed by a mailing apologising for and correcting the intentional error. Ultimately resulting in better than ever response.

I’ve even heard where direct marketing legend Joe Sugarman deliberately makes spelling and editing mistakes in his sales letter and advertisements. Joe even gave discounts and rewards to people who found mistakes in his ads. However, my mistakes are genuine. Bottom line, this GIMMICK has proven to increase response.

The scientific technical term for this is called “Involvement”.

An involvement with and by your prospect at any level increases response. For my latest writing course my lead generation ad won’t be doing anything except offering them an aptitude test so they (prospect) can determine whether they’re likely to succeed at writing or not.
The famous ad that ran for many years that started with “Do you make these mistakes in English?” Again requires the involvement of the prospect and again increases response.

How do YOU feel about gimmicks? Some will shudder, others will insist “their clientele are above gimmicks”, NOT TRUE.

How do YOU feel about this kind of sneaky marketing? Truth is all marketing is sneaky to one degree or another. The advertorial in print media is a deliberate attempt to fool the reader. The TV infomercial late at night is another attempt to fool the prospect. The fake cheque attached to your sales letter is all sneaky in a sense.

The thing to remember though is:

– Demographics do NOT alter strategy

– Demographics do NOT alter copy

– Demographics may only alter presentation

Why gimmicks work at every level? Because a buyer is a buyer. Big companies don’t buy, people buy. Everybody’s bored at every level. Everybody’s overwhelmed at every level. People are people, buyers are buyers at every level. Everyone at every level likes to have fun.

Be amused by this thought if you like, disagree with it also but don’t let your own personal biases and opinions affect the marketing gimmicks you employ.

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