Have You Bound & Gagged Your Best Sales Person?

Have You Bound & Gagged Your Best Sales Person?

I fully understand I sound like a broken record on the subject of Testimonials and the use of them. When I go into consulting situations sadly I usually discover one of three situations:

  1. They have not collected many or any testimonials.
  2. Their testimonials are plain and ordinary “Vanilla Flavoured” testimonials that are either lightly used or not at all.
  3. And worst of all they have a massive collection of great testimonials or clients willing to give them, yet are woefully used surprisingly. Surprisingly this seems to be true of otherwise astute marketers.

I often find an arsenal of before and after photos, scientific proof/data, Case Studies (Professionals) that could be used on CD, DVD’s & Video’s. The use of Testimonials should be limited only by your imagination.

What is most interesting is that Business Owners and Managers are straining and spending to convey their marketing message to their Customers, Client, Patients or Prospects while keeping their very best salesperson bound and gagged out of sight locked in the cupboard.

This is what you do when you leave testimonials unexploited.
  • Why decorate reception walls and offices with paintings and logos when the wall space could display testimonials?
  • Why have the Bert Newton show running in you surgery when you could have case studies instead?
  • Why display a product package on a store shelf without testimonials?
  • Why have the name of your company on your vehicle but no testimonials?
  • Why send out a direct mail package with out testimonials?

Why waste any opportunity to use testimonials when after all, what your clients say about you is ten times more important than what you say about you? But I wonder if it’s possible to nag enough where testimonials are concerned.

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