Having A High Status Allows You To Print Money Legally

Having A High Status Allows You To Print Money Legally

You might remember last month how I talked about how you can rig success and how I have managed to do that personally and business wise.

Well this month, I am going to reveal the most important thing I did that made the biggest impact in the shortest possible time where my income was concerned.


One of the most important things I did was get comfortable with having a high status in the market place in which I was going to operate.

In my case, it was as a highly paid and in demand business coach and consultant.

Trust me, the idea of having my name and photograph all over the place didn’t particularly appeal to me, but what mattered more than that was…

Having the Money Moved to me and me Being Able to do Business on my Terms

After all, if you are going to work, you may as well work smart.

And this strategy is definitely smart…

Let’s face it, whatever field you are in, your prospects and clients are constantly comparing you to someone else anyway, so you might as well take the higher ground.

And by take, I mean anoint yourself as the expert in your category or niche.

And then what you do is deliberately set out to live in to that self-anointment, then ultimately it becomes a reality.

Recently, Australia’s rich list was published. I often here actors being compared, sports stars from one generation to another are also always being compared.

Heck, cars are being compared…

The list goes on… and on and on…

So it is going to happen whether you like it or not.

So as uncomfortable as it might make you, it’s worth being uncomfortable.

For most business owners, the quickest way to self-anointment is through a risk reversal consequential guarantee.

Here are a few that I have been involved in which I’ll list here:

  1. “Regrow your own hair or double your money back”
  2. “The world’s most comfortable work boot guaranteed”
  3. “If you don’t love your house you bought from us, we will buy it back anytime in the first 3 months for the same price you paid for it”
  4. “If you aren’t absolutely delighted with your new patio, we will work for you for free until you are happy or we will rebuild it for free”
  5. “If after renting a car from us and you don’t think it’s the best rental car experience you’ve ever had, then we will give you a complete refund and pay for your next rental from a competitor”
  6. “Your car repaired right the first time or we will work for you for free until it is”
  7. “101 Day ‘Sleep like a Baby’ or Exchange your bed”

Hopefully you get the drift…

Note, to be really powerful, there needs to be a consequence if things go wrong.

Another big mistake business owners make is they get tired of telling their story.

Don’t assume for one moment they know it or they will remember it.

Here is my list:
  • Coach of the Coaches
  • Largest Coaching Program
  • Highest Paying Coaching Program
  • Made from scratch multi-millionaire
  • Millionaire Maker AND Multi-Millionaire Maker
  • Napoleon Hill of the 21st Century
  • 41 years of expensive experience
  • No BS “Show me the Money” Advice
  • Bought and sold 20+ businesses
  • Shared the stage with Trump, Robbins, Kiyosaki, Branson, Bouris, Kennedy and Dent
  • Multi Best Selling Author
  • Celebrated success stories
  • Wise guy at the top of the mountain
  • Internationally recognized and renowned
  • Highly developed skills that are self-taught
  • Raised myself to the top of 4 professions – marketing and sales, copywriting, speaking, coaching, consulting and mentoring
  • Master of Emotional Direct Response Marketing
  • The Original, No Bull, “Millionaire Maker” and Multi- Millionaire Maker, Coach of the Coaches, Wise Guy at the Top of the Mountain

The list is all about “blowing your own trumpet”.

After all, if you don’t, who else will?

For the record, I wasn’t always comfortable with that idea either, but again it was an easy decision to make because of the commercial reality of the movement of money to a high status.

By the way, I think you will find my list is “unmatched” in this country. There are however, many pretend experts who talk about “it“ but have never “done it”.

And there are others who have just done “a bit of it”.

Bottom line, compare my list to others and then form your own conclusion…

Think of Trump for a moment… what business do you think he is in?

Most people would say real estate and that is sort of right… but the real business he is in is the business of being Donald Trump, the conceited big deal maker.

After all, he gets paid a fortune to stick his name on something.

So what Business is Richard Branson in?

You might think it’s the airline business… it’s not.

He is in the business of being Richard Branson, the shy, charismatic rule breaker.

Closer to home you have Aussie John Symond… he is the guy who keeps the banks honest and fights for the battle against the thriving banks.

All of these folk have self-anointed themselves and in a sense, have made themselves up as I have on the basis of the understanding of the movement of money to a high status.

I could go on, the list will be longer, you would know most of them.

Maybe being as renowned as them isn’t your thing, but it should be your thing in your category or niche if you want to do business on your terms, being paid what you want working when you want with whom you want.

So if it is business success that you are after and you want to “rig it”, than you might be interested in my new 3-hour evening seminar tour entitled “Screw Survival in 2015 – 7 Steps to a 7 Figure Income at Warp Speed”.

This event will not be for the faint hearted… In fact it’s not right for everyone… It will most likely shake your foundations around money and success…

These 7 steps are little known and understood but when executed correctly, are literally “fail safe”. I’m one of the rare people qualified to give this presentation.

To find out more, got to:


All the best,
Mal Emery

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