Here Is Proof Positive That Direct Mail Is The Biggest Bang For Your Dollar!

Here Is Proof Positive That Direct Mail Is The Biggest Bang For Your Dollar!

This might sound like a weird question to ask… but humour me and answer it anyway. What’s the first thing you do when you get home in the evening? After parking the car that is. Perhaps you’re among the 14% that statistics say make a beeline for the smallest room in the house.

Would you believe 52% of people go straight to the mailbox first? Then they carry it inside to sort through it. And collecting and sorting mail is among the first THREE things that a whopping 80% of people do. Knowing this is of great value to the Direct Marketer.

What it clearly demonstrates is that every day, the focus of over 50% of the population is on their mail! Now we cannot make personal contact with 50% of the population every day through any other media such as TV, radio, print, telemarketing etc. So clearly the person who delivers your mail is your silent sales ‘man’. But what happens next, gives us the most important insight, because your next objective is to get your mail read, immediately! Generally, people tend to sort their mail into three distinct piles! In order of priority, these are the pile containing mail that MUST be read straight away, the next pile is interesting but not urgent and the third compiles “junk” mail … which gets filed in the bin!

So what constitutes mail that compels you to read it immediately?

Well, what about medical results you have been waiting to get; the results of a test? Or something which has an ominous return address, such as the tax department or a letter from your lawyer (or somebody else’s!) OR something which suggests that by opening it, you stand to BENEFIT in some significant way? Something completely different from the usual type of mail you get, which has something outrageous or extraordinary about it. “Lumpy” mail is mail which has an appearance other than the usual straight envelope containing a letter etc.

Make your mailing piece look PERSONAL! Because nothing gets opened faster than a letter that is hand addressed and stamped with a REAL stamp! And DON’T have the name of your company stamped anywhere on the packaging, just put your return address. The word “confidential” is also a source of intrigue for most and will help your mail to attract immediate attention.

Remember your mailing might contain the most amazing offer, but if the reader doesn’t open the mail, they’ll never see it! Waste of time; waste of money!

How else do you compel them to open your mailing piece? Think outside the square!

Bill Glazer, who is a grand master of marketing from the United States, has created some very clever and very PROFITABLE direct marketing pieces which are simple in essence, but POWERFUL in the effect they have! For instance, if you received a bike rider’s water bottle in the mail, (lumpy mail) around which an eye-catching label, with an even more eye-catching message had been placed, would you be fascinated enough to open the water bottle to read the sales letter inside?

Now I know what you’re thinking; it’s going to cost a fortune to send a water bottle as a mailing piece. The truth is it will cost you more, but in the scheme of things, more people will read your sales material and if you have your message right, the maths will be a long way in your favour. In fact, hundreds of % in your favour! So the sooner you start perfecting and using Direct Mail, the sooner you will enjoy a higher level of success. Of course another wonderful thing happens when you use Direct Mail to your own data base; most importantly, you are immune to a lot of factors that influence you getting your message out, such as competitors and the high cost of advertising in all media.

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