How to be a Marketing Expert in 30 Seconds

How to be a Marketing Expert in 30 Seconds

Would you believe that it is possible to be a marketing expert in 30 seconds?

Well it is and recently, I did it in about 25 seconds.

In a minute I will reveal exactly step by step how I did that and I’ll even hand you on a silver platter a neat little piece of software that does it all for you…

The answer to being a marketing expert is elegantly simple yet most business owners get it terribly wrong to the point that it results in struggle and even bankruptcy.

So read on to discover how to be a marketing expert in just 30 seconds because by knowing this, you are almost “fail safe” in business and money seems to flow to you in abundance.

So if you want to be a marketing expert, ask your clients what they want because they are the experts.

Another way to say that is your customer, client or prospect is “THE BOSS”

Let’s face it, it’s THE BOSS (client) who pays all your bills, puts food on your table or clothes on your back.

THE BOSS (client) also decides whether your business is going to succeed or fail.

THE BOSS (client) decides what car you drive, where you live, whether your kids go to a private school or not, whether you have holidays every year.

In fact, THE BOSS (client) decides the lifestyle you enjoy, the quality of retirement you get to have and the legacy you get to leave.
An employee might think that business or business owner pays their wages, they don’t!

It’s THE BOSS (client) who pays their wages and yet I’m rarely treated by employees as if I’m their BOSS when I buy something or do business with somebody.

In fact, it is the opposite.

Most employees seem to be members of the “Sales Prevention Department” but that’s another story for another time…

The thing about THE BOSS (client) is the minute you start treating THE BOSS (client) badly, is the minute THE BOSS (client) leaves you.

Conversely, when you treat THE BOSS (client) well, THE BOSS (client) buys you everything you want them to but THE BOSS (client) will only reward you (Sales) in the exact proportion to the way that you treat THE BOSS (client).

THE BOSS (client) is so powerful that they can fire everybody in your business or company from the CEO down and they do this by simply shopping with someone else.

We have all seen it happen haven’t we…

Successful business one minute, multi-national brand one minute, with sales exploding and GONE THE NEXT.

So hopefully you get my drift here.

You are not THE BOSS (client), your client, customer, patient or prospect is THE BOSS (client).

People often say to me “how come everything you touch seems to turn to gold”…

Here is my secret.

I listen to THE BOSS (client).

I ask THE BOSS (client) the right questions and as a result, I get the right answers and I then get to rig my success so I can’t fail.

Of course that’s not how most people go into business or do business, in fact it’s the opposite.

It goes right back to the multi-million dollar question which is

What do you Sell?

Most people sell what they have in “their wagon” to sell and they expect THE BOSS (client) to buy it just because that’s what they have got.

Even if that’s not what THE BOSS (client) wants.

So the answer to the multi-million dollar question is…

Sell them what THE BOSS (client) wants MOST

Decades ago when I was thinking of buying a business, I asked the seller if I could survey his clients (THE BOSS) before I bought the business.

Because he wanted to sell it, he agreed.

So I surveyed his clients (THE BOSS) and got the answers I was looking for and then bought the business.

And things changed the very first day I took the business over because I did what THE BOSS (client) wanted me to do.
Then THE BOSS (client) rewarded me accordingly to the point where I got to sell the business in a relatively short space of time for a small fortune.

Probably a house or two by today’s standards.

In other words, I rigged my success and you can too.

More recently in another new business venture I’m involved in, I insisted with my partners that we do a telephone survey.

Fortunately, I chose my partners well and they supported me in this process because it cost about $6k to do.

By the way, I wrote the questions for the survey and trained up the survey company and they did a great job.

So a great way to predict your success in business is to understand the present and then adjust accordingly and that is exactly what I got to do here.

Anyway, Google is making things easy for you…

I promised you a tool you can use and here it is.

Google Forms

Best part is, it’s FREE and it even spits out graphs of your results for you.

And it’s simple to use.

Now mostly this advice that I give here is ignored.

One of the reasons is that people are ignorant enough to believe that they know what the market (THE BOSS) wants and of course 99% of the time they are wrong about that because the only opinion that counts is THE BOSSES (client).

Even more recently when contemplating several new online products, I paid thousands of dollars to have online surveys done to empower me as to whether this venture will succeed or fail.

Now of course I am responding to that survey to THE BOSS (client) and in the process of giving THE BOSS (client) what THE BOSS (client) wants because then THE BOSS (client) will give me what I want.

It’s not as if I’m asking you to do something I don’t do myself.

Please do it… THE BOSS (client) is never wrong

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