How To Clearly And Concisely Communicate Your Core Message

How To Clearly And Concisely Communicate Your Core Message

It’s rare for me to find a business owner that can clearly and concisely communicate a short and effective PRACTICED message as to why a prospect should choose them as opposed to everyone else in their category.

After all who doesn’t want more clients than they can possibly handle? Who doesn’t want to stop wasting money and time being an advertising victim? What business owner wouldn’t relish the prospect of dominating their category?

It’s this message that should form the foundation and basis for all communication with the market place. At my recent Platinum Inner Circle Mastermind Event in Sydney, I work shopped this with my coaching members over a couple of hours, explained it to them and watched as they created their own “Elevator Pitch” or sound byte.

Let me explain…

It’s called an elevator pitch because I suspect you’ve got something like 30 – 60 seconds in an elevator to pitch yourself to someone in a sense. So, you would need to be a practiced clear and concise message for you to be able to get the attention of someone in an elevator (prospect).

The response you should get is “WOW! I want to know more about what you do.” The reason it’s important that that you have a practiced elevator pitch in just 30 – 60 seconds is because…

The Enemy of the Entrepreneur is Clutter

I’ve read that we’re exposed to something like 4,000 pieces of advertising or promotion a day. I’m not sure if that figure is accurate but it’s a hell of a lot. Even recently in Sydney where a particular community was going to allow advertising on their roads. Clearly the ultimate clutter!

Another reason why this is so important is because clarity leads to power for both you, your company, your staff and your prospects and customers. After all, who has the power in business? And the answer is…

The Customer Has the Power to Choose
Who the Hell They Like!

Anyway…back to your elevator pitch sound byte. Let me give you some tools so you can create your own, then I’ll give you an example of some of mine to help you even further. Here goes…

How to Create Your Own Sound Bite or Elevator Pitch

Here’s the precise order that your elevator pitch must take, and make sure you include all six strategies.

1. WHO YOU ARE – a culmination of your name, your company name and position.

2. WHAT YOU DO – or what your company does.

3. WHO IT IS YOU CATER TO – your target market.

4. THE PROBLEM YOU SOLVE – for people or how you benefit them directly.

5. WHAT IS YOUR UCBA (Unique Customer Buying Advantage) – why I should buy from you as opposed to everyone else in your category.

6. CALL TO ACTION & ACTION STEP – how they can contact you or find out more.

Here’s a sample of one of mine that may help you…

“Hi My name is Mal Emery, I’m internationally known as the NO- BULL Marketing Business Whiz and I’m co-founder of Magnetic Marketing and Publications. I specialise in teaching business owners a simple step-by-step system to becoming a millionaire in their existing business, in the next three years or less, regardless of where they are right now.

It’s personally worked for me and many others, and if you learn it, and use it as its described, there’s a good chance it will work for you also. If you’d like a free report entitled “How to go From Zero to a Millionaire in 3 Years or Less in Your Own Business and enjoy the journey along the way” simply call <> or go to <>

It explains the complete system in detail. Or you can simply give me your business card and I’ll mail it out to you immediately.”

The next task of course is too create you own sound bite and then practice it so you can deliver a clear and concise message. Remember, it should form the foundation of your business message. As I said, my Platinum Members got a lot out of this exercise, you will too. Better still, it’ll line you pockets.

It’s these sort of adjustments we’ll be dealing with at the Rebellious Millionaire Retreat in Melbourne on the 27th to 29th of April.

If you want to know more about how the Rebellious Retreat will show you how to go from where you are now to implementation with speed and accuracy then go to the web site and register your pre-release interest.

I promise you something special if you register in advance.

Committed to Multiplying Your Profits and Guilty of Conspiracy to Committing Capitalism,

Mal Emery

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