How To Save Money, Avoid Mistakes, Make Money, Violate Some Assumptions And Invalidate Others!

How To Save Money, Avoid Mistakes, Make Money, Violate Some Assumptions And Invalidate Others!

I am astonished by the infinitesimal amount of ‘information gathering’ people bother to actually do, before coming up with, and implementing ideas. It’s repeatedly evident to me when my clients are unable to answer the most basic of questions.

They choose….choose…. to operate in an information vacuum.

What reasons can there be for such a deficiency of ‘research’ into something so important?

Maybe they simply don’t realise how much information exists on a given subject, or they are confused about where to look! Perhaps laziness is to blame or people are just in too much of a hurry. It could even be that some people don’t want to know the truth and don’t like having their opinions and ideas challenged. Undoubtedly some or all of the above.

It’s true that entrepreneurs in particular, don’t like to acquire and analyse information before acting.

In my position as a Consultant, I’ve come to realise more and more that my own behaviour in this area, sets me apart from the vast majority of my cohorts.

My first response to any new idea or problem is to round up as much information as possible! I sort through it, process and analyse it, and bounce it about with a few ‘sounding boards’.

When my wife was afflicted with a frozen shoulder, I went to a book store, the library and searched the internet, to understand her condition and anticipate it’s process. I was able to explain what we were ‘in for’ better than most of the doctors we spoke to.

When launching a new business or info product, I like a small mountain of information to work with and ultimately I save time, avoid mistakes, save money, make money, validate some assumptions and invalidate others.

Makes perfect sense to me.

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