How To Turn Paper And Ink Into Money

How To Turn Paper And Ink Into Money


Recently, I may recall I wrote a blog about Direct Mail and it obviously hit a nerve. Heaps of people after reading it contacted me to say, and these are my words not theirs, “Direct Mail, or if you prefer Direct Marketing Rules”.

I went to great lengths to point out exactly why Direct Mail Rules. If you would like to read that blog again, here are the details:

It is an indisputable fact that…
The Ability to put Words Together in a Sequence and an Order that Compels People to Part with their Money is the Highest Paying Job on the Planet.

Heck, one of my clients recently sent me a one page fax that went to 5,514 non buyers that produced $162,363.54 all for a cost of about $1,250. That was July 10th last year.

So he sent another similar fax in August, this time to 5,734 prospects, this time it bought in $155,466.09. Again it cost about $1,250 to send.

So he did it again in November, each time with a slight variation. This time it went to 5,011 prospects and it bought in $154,602.57. Again it cost about $1,250 to send.

If you know anything that gives you that sort of return on investment (ROI), we all want to know about it.

Hopefully I have sparked your interest in Direct Mail and Direct Marketing, because over the next few weeks I am going to reveal “19 Direct Mail Secrets to Maximum Profits in Today’s Chaotic New Economy”.

Direct Mail Secret #1 – Direct Mail is a GAME CHANGER

For a world turned upside down, this is the most important success strategy you can master. It will recession proof your business and income for life, create your own economy and prosper in spite of all the devastation around you.

I would go as far as to say that this media drives more revenue in more industries and professions than any other and frankly, when people say it didn’t work they did something wrong.

Most likely poor list selection, nothing works better than your own list that you have a good reputation with or poor message to market match. Somehow the message was wrong for the market it was sent to.

Direct Mail Secret #2 – Switch from “Image Branding” to “Direct Response Marketing”

Direct Response Marketing is the Polar Opposite of Branding.

Frankly, it is very important you realise you will go broke fast if branding is your game. This is in spite of what other institutions like advertising agencies and mass media would have you believe.

You are like me, you need results that is money in the bank from your advertising and marketing methods

What Emotional Direct Response Marketing IS NOT :

Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. EDRM is not getting your name out there. It isn’t name recognition. It isn’t building an image. It isn’t getting your name in front of as many people as you can get your name in front of. It isn’t bragging about how excellent you are. It is not copying Fortune 100 companies’ insane or funny advertising. It is not cold prospecting. It is not begging people for referrals. It is not going to network meetings and social events to meet clients and prospects. It’s not manipulation or unethical tactics. It isn’t taking people to lunch or playing golf. It is not having a fancy brochure and business card. It’s not having a website or being very good at what you do. It’s not winning an award, having letters after your name or a plethora of business and achievement certificates on your wall.

What Emotional Direct Response Marketing IS :

A systematic, sustainable marketing system that allows you to achieve maximum productivity, maximum leverage, and will allow you to conduct your business to achieve massive results with the least amount of time and effort.

Direct Mail Secret #3 – In Tough Economic Times, Direct Mail is a much more Efficient way to Spend your Money

Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, no other media provides the same opportunities and profits… when done right, than Direct Mail/Direct Marketing.

Pitney Bowes, a company that makes mailing equipment research revealed that:

  • 72% of small businesses rarely ever use direct mail
  • Over 70% of the 28% who do use direct mail rate it as the most profitable advertising and marketing they do
  • This tells you exactly what you need to do to have a massive advantage over 72% of your competitors

Frankly, the correct use of Direct Mail/Direct Marketing promote your business better, liberate your sales people from cold calling, confuses and confounds your competitors, increases your sales and profits and allows you to dominate your category or industry without having the massive budget associated with the sort of success I have just described.

Watch this space as I reveal a further “16 Direct Mail Secrets to Massive Profits in today’s Chaotic New Economy”

All the best,
Mal Emery

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  1. Thanks Mal for sending yet another post at exactly the right moment. Taking your advice to do more direct marketing has really made a difference. I have a small list of targetted people and I’m finding that most people don’t have time to open emails anymore or will open it and leave it until later to read it or action it (I’m guilty of this myself) and of course then forget about it. Now I send out a couple of things by mail and follow up with a phone call a little while later and I’m discovering people are interested – there’s nothing like the personal touch from a real person. Thanks again for your sage words of wisdom!!

  2. Thanks very much Mal for another great and informative post. 🙂

    In my limited experience I am finding EDRM very helpful in weeding out the pests and time wasting inquiries.

  3. I have a letter I post to past non spending clients that produces about $35,000 in extra sales every 3 months. From the first letter we sen,t it has always made a profit. There is not doubt this stuff works providing what’s on the paper is the right stuff.

  4. Hello Mal Emery, that is very true what you said, direct mail rocks! 🙂 If it has been working perfectly for over 100 years (and it has) then that’s proof enough that it works 🙂

  5. Hi Mal

    What feels good is to help people. Our retailers need help. Your message re direct mail stats is gold and am so glad that we can be part of that getting that message to them. Thanks……

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