I Cant Find A Product To Sell

I Cant Find A Product To Sell

OK, no more lectures for now. Even though the statement above is ridiculous and it’s one I expect to hear from people who don’t know any better. Just for the record, product is the last thing you should be thinking about. It always was and always will be the market first. Find out what they want (in good numbers with money) and give it to them.

Enough of that. You want to be rich? Here’s one way. And it’s all about finding a product and HAVING SOMETHING INTERESTING TO SAY ABOUT IT. Here goes.

Let’s go to Google and type in “private label wrinkle cream”. Here’s what is going to happen. With a few exceptions, a bunch of companies will offer you their products, in this case, wrinkle cream, to sell. Good news is you can even have them put a private label on it for you, so at least in some way it stands out from the crowd. This private label thing is a pretty nifty idea. Nothing to stop you doing it for lots and lots and lots of other products. So why don’t you give it a go? OK. You’ve got your product to sell. And it’s even got your label on it.

Now we’ve got to find some way to sell it. Remember one of my recent nudges was completely dedicated to having something interesting to say? Not boring rhetoric which is what most people have to say about their product or service.

Here’s my next suggestion: In our case we clicked on “Private label anti-aging skin and hair care products hair loss …” Notice I said in our case, you don’t think I’m doing this by myself do you. Anyway, up came a company named Healthspecialty and they kindly listed their range of products available. We chose Firm and Repair Lift Cream. Now listen up my friends, cause this is really important, when you click on the product up comes the ingredients list. Now this is where it starts to get interesting. Now I want you to choose a bunch of those ingredients, start with one of them. In our case we chose Malachite Extract. Let’s now copy that into Google and do a search.

Within just a few minutes we found lots of information about this extract you never would have known in a lifetime if you hadn’t actually been looking for it. Here’s just one statement we found within minutes:

“Even the queens of ancient Egypt treasured precious malachite as an effective beauty agent. Modern cosmetic research confirms the positive impact of this semi-precious stone on the skin: extract of malachite protects against the environmentally induced stress factors chiefly responsible for premature skin aging.”

Now imagine for a moment the “fun” us copywriters could have with such information. Do you think suddenly we’ve got something interesting to say? Could we easily research deeper and deeper? Maybe even find out more about the beauty of the Queens of Ancient Egypt?

THAT WHOLE PROCESS TOOK “US” 5 MINUTES. Please don’t ever tell me you can’t find a product to sell and you don’t know what to say about your product. For the record, another great site to go to is www.alibaba.com Then use your imagination.

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