Its Not About Good Or Bad Economic Conditions

Its Not About Good Or Bad Economic Conditions

It’s not about Good or Bad Economic Conditions…

What it is about is value. More importantly how much value you deliver to your market place. Viable, tangible, legitimate business success is always based on the market’s assessment of the value you deliver and a reflection of that value.

In a sense money is dancing around “out there” moving from one person to another, one business to another. The name of the game is get more of it (money) to dance towards you.

If you’re doing poorly right now it’s because the market doesn’t perceive the value you deliver, worthy of them reaching into their pocket and giving it to you. Instead they see more value in them keeping it in their pocket.

I realised I’ve made the complicated uncomplicated but it really is how money moves… It’s a value equation.

Tom Monaghan, the man behind Domino’s Pizza entered an overpopulated industry, with over-met consumer needs and got very, very rich… very, very quickly. He did so because he delivered new and more marketable value.

You’ll remember his unique customer buying advantage – “Piping Hot Pizza Delivered to Your Door in 30 mins or Less or it’s Free”.

Fortunately he said nothing about great tasting quality pizza, if you get my drift. All that said, he’s one of the richest men in the world and a philanthropist to boot. Chances are he can’t give his money away fast enough.

He did however, figure out how to deliver piping hot pizzas, guaranteed. That was his innovation.

He also figured out the way to duplicate and franchise at warp speed by offering a lower entry point to franchisees and encouraging managers to become franchisees, also with a financial reward to the franchisee who turned the manager into a franchisee.

He also uniquely positioned his pizza stores near college locations where there would be lots of eager students keen to consume lots of cheap pizza delivered to the door.

If you want to find out more about Tom Monaghan and Domino’s Pizza get your hands on a book called “The Pizza Tiger”. A great read and very instructive.

In fact my daughter’s doing it right now in the same industry (with “Hero’s Pizza”). There’s always an opportunity to deliver more value even when you think the market is flooded.

Truth be told it does not matter if the overall economic conditions are “good” or “bad” when you make yourself more valuable to the market place.

Another way to make yourself more valuable – it’s one of the greatest secrets I’ve ever learned – is copywriting so following on from previous Rants here’s another way to get money to “dance” towards you.

So let’s mush on…

9. Typestyles

Avoid fancy typefaces that make reading difficult. The best typefaces or fonts are very clear and easy to read. Some typefaces only draw attention to themselves and away from your message. Select one that fits the style and substance of your communication. Just make sure it’s clearly readable.

Don’t have too many different fonts, text sizes and styles in one document. Choose no more than two complimentary fonts and sizes.

Before sending out any direct mail offer (a printed ad, an email message, etc.), you’ll want to review your effort to make sure that you have applied each of the following 17 points properly. These will significantly enhance your chances of having a successful response rate.

Remember that any marketing you do, and any money you spend on that marketing is wasted unless it grabs your prospects attention and gets them hammering on your door wanting to do business with you.

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