Keep Asking Yourself “WHY?”

Keep Asking Yourself “WHY?”

Make a habit of occasionally stepping back and reviewing what you are doing in the sales and marketing aspects of your business. Or in any aspect for that matter. And when you do, ask yourself what your real PURPOSE is.

While most business owners think that the purpose of getting a customer is to make a sale, my clients and I do the reverse; we make a sale to get a customer.

When you are constantly obtaining new knowledge and subsequently growing, the more opportunities will come your way. You’ll probably want to try to do justice to them all! And it’s then you can lose sight of what it is you are actually striving to achieve and the best way to move through the process. It’s then you can all too easily find yourself “OFF PURPOSE”

You must decide what you WILL do, what you WON’T do and what to prioritise!

Some things may need your attention NOW, some later, some if you have time. Some things you are presented with you may decide NOT to do at all! Discipline yourself to stick to the your TRUE PURPOSE for doing everything you are doing!

Make it a habit to have a strategic purpose for getting your customers; for getting the BEST customers, precisely the ones you want, in the manner, which suits you best, and in a way that is appropriate to them!

If you need to totally revamp some of your systems, so that these things are done in such a way that is consistent with your key objectives, make that a priority!

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