Let’s Hear It For Good Ol’ Underestimated Snail Mail!

Let’s Hear It For Good Ol’ Underestimated Snail Mail!

Snail Mail is 20 times more effective than email internet marketing! If you have any doubt about this, just do a test and watch as my claim is validated.

Try it with your current list of clients. Lets suppose you have a list of 10,000 current clients, that is clients who have already purchased from you. Now you have a synergistic product lined up, which these clients are highly likely to be interested in, so you write your sales material and send it to them. But you have divided your list into two; half to receive your sales material via email and half using snail mail.

What will happen?

This will happen. However many orders you get from the emails you sent, times it by 20 and that’s how many you’ll get from your snail mail promotion!

So if you get 15 orders from the email promotion …. You will get 300 orders from your SNAIL mail-out! And if we introduce $$ to the equation it starts to really get the adrenalin pumping!

Let’s say what you’re selling is a book for $37.00. The 15 email orders you got would result in sales worth $555.00. As it didn’t cost you anything to contact these people, your net profit is equal to your gross profit!

But now turn your attention to the 300 ‘snail mail’ orders! Multiply 300 by $27.00 for each book and your gross profit is now a whopping $11,000.00! WOW! But don’t get overly excited about it yet, because it COST you approximately 70 cents a piece to send out the advertising material via snail mail, amounting to $3,500.00.

Moreover, you paid about $3.00 apiece to fulfil these orders, which hikes it up by another $900.00! So add these two costs against you together and your initial gross profit of $11,000.00 is reduced by $4,400!

Damn-it, that only leaves a net profit of $6,700.00!

SO what’s the verdict??

GO back to your net profit from email mailing, which was $555.00. Compare it even AFTER all the ‘overheads’ of your snail mail campaign, to a net profit of $6,700.00.

Basically, your snail Mail campaign was 12 times more profitable than your email campaign!

Why? One big fat, indisputable reason is that SPAM FILTERS are making it harder and harder to get your message delivered through to your target market! And even when it does land in their in-box, it stands a good chance of being deleted by the recipient. Even if it was delivered, opened and read, it probably wasn’t believed! This is supported by numerous studies which show that people simply don’t give any credibility to the emails they receive.

There are no such “spam filters” between you and your snail mail recipient! Barring a mail strike or a mail thief, both of which are rare in relative terms, your material will get delivered. If it is PERSONALISED, it will most likely also be opened. And the ‘believaibility’ factor with snail mail is higher too.

When I say “personalise”, I mean use the person’s name. Forget about “Dear Friend”, “Dear Subscriber”, Dear Resident”, “Dear Fellow Volvo Driver” and so on. If you use the person’s name, you can calculate another 30% into your response rate!

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