Mal Emery has done it again! He has sold out for a fortune and now he is “Retired”… or is he?

Mal Emery has done it again! He has sold out for a fortune and now he is “Retired”… or is he?

It’s true, I have retired…

But not completely…

What I have done is completely retire from Streetsmart Marketing.

You see, my good friend and partner Ian Marsh and I have done a deal and he is now “head honcho” of Streetsmart Marketing and he is pulling all the strings.

That’s not to say I won’t do the odd guest appearance…

To be honest, I doubt I will ever retire.

In fact, as they close the lid on my coffin, there’s every chance I’ll try and sell you tickets to the wake. 🙂

So it would come as no surprise to you that I can’t “completely retire”, I’m just busy doing other stuff with no regrets.

Well understand, in selling Streetsmart Marketing, I have broken with “conventional wisdom” in that I was able to sell (for a lot of money) a business largely branded in my name.

Most of the advice you hear on this subject is “don’t make it about you” because it is hard to sell.

Obviously not true and I have proved it.

What’s worth considering is why I branded it in the way in which I did. Why I anointed myself years ago as the “no-bull wise guy at the top of the mountain” …

The explanation is simple…. MONEY

Money actually moves faster and in the right manner, when you are at the top of the mountain in your category or niche.

No one wants to go to the wise guy at the bottom of the mountain.

So what you must become and anoint yourself as in your category or niche is, the number one “heart surgeon” of that category or niche.

Now you might not be comfortable with that concept and I wasn’t either to begin with, but money was more important and so was the amount of people I could help if they would only listen to me.

All of this has a name, it’s called “Self-Anointment”.

I’ve become famous from Anointing people, some of whom have become household names.

  • Kate Engler – the Publicity Princess
  • Greg Milner – World’s #1 Marketing Coach and Mentor to Hair, Beauty and Spa Salons
  • Glenn Twiddle – Australia’s #1 No Bull Guru and Profit Generating Coach and Mentor to Realtors
  • Matt and Amanda Clarkson – World’s #1 Expert on eBay Success
  • Liz and Matt Raad – Australia’s #1 Expert on how to Buy, Renovate and Sell Websites
  • Ali and Danny Halupka – Friendly, Trusted, Honest Tough Farm Shed Builders for over 64 Years
  • Judeth Wilson – Corporate Coach of the Coaches
  • Andrew and Daryl Grant – Masterful, Strategic, Technophobic Complimentary Couple who Conquered the Internet
  • Pat Mesiti – Australia’s #1 Motivational Coach, Mentor and Evangelist
  • Pete Godfrey – The Rebellious Wizard of Words

I could go on but you get my drift, all of these folk self-anointed before they actually were the wise guy at the top of the mountain.

So here is what you have got to do.

First, decide upon, define, stake out and courageously
claim a position and then live into it

You are creating a high status, be a leader, take a position, have a point of view and be known for something.

This is the secret weapon behind many, many outrageous successful organisations.

Think of Trump, think of Branson, think of Dick Smith, think of Aussie John Simon, think of Crazy Johns which is gone now of course…

You are taking the “Expert” position and when you do, the money starts to move towards you.

Anyway, here is what I have been up to lately…

2 weeks ago I opened a brand new ‘state of the art’ child care centre that I built from scratch with a couple of partners.

They head hunted me for what they called “your marketing genius”.

The result?

Without parents having a child care centre to check out (which is what usually happens), 2 of the rooms are totally full with a waiting list, another room is three quarters full and soon to be full and 2 other rooms are 25% full.

By my calculations, 70% full due to my elite marketing efforts.

Of course, the big bonus is there is more child care centres to come with a proven marketing system to fill them up.

Yep, I’ve still got it!!!

Now here’s where it gets REALLY interesting for you…

Leaving Streetsmart has freed me up to take on a few private clients of my own and that really appeals to me.

So if you are interested in “Rigging your Success” in business as I have done many times for myself (last count 20 plus businesses started, built and sold with 0 failures),  here’s a chance to find out if we are a good match and whether I believe I can help “Rig Your Success”.

Trust me, I rig EVERYTHING.

Anyway, to find out more and if you are remotely interested in being one of the 6-8 people I work with directly in 2016, then watch this short video below.


If you are wondering what sort of results you can expect, here is what John Jeffreys from the Motorhome Conversion Company had to say when he rang me recently after I coached him the previous year.

“We have just had 3 months in a row over $1 million in sales when normally it’s $500k-$600k and I can’t tell you in words how great that feels”.

Or Danny Halupka of Grant Sheds…

We used to do a million dollars turnover in a year, now we do it in a month”.

If results like that interest you and you want a chance to talk to me directly for about 15 minutes in the next week or so then please, click on the link here and fill out the Serious Expression Of Interest Form.

Note, this is a “fact finding” exercise for you and obligates you to nothing.

I’ll know in just 15 minutes on the phone with you whether I can help you or not and only after I am satisfied that I can, will we talk business.

Obviously, if we do business together then there will be an exchange of value. You will pay me a fraction of what I make you.

So don’t fill it out if you are broke and desperate, you will be wasting my time and yours.

You will need access to funds if you want to make this work.

Anyway, it’s no obligation on your part or mine and it costs you nothing.

Remember, I will be selecting just 6-8 clients who are right for me and who I am right for.

Reason for the small number?

Well, my “retirement” lifestyle is important to me… I’ve built the big company and now just want to focus on business owners who are a good fit.

For the record, I doubt you will ever see this offer again.

All the best,

Mal Emery

P.S. Go watch the video now, it is short and to the point and then decide if you want to have a no obligation chat with me for 15 minutes in the next week or so.

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