Marketing Nuggets Nudge

Marketing Nuggets Nudge

Let’s keep it really simple. Below are 15 bullet points listing some of the golden nuggets of marketing.

  • People by nature, are procrastinators; give them a reason to respond by making them an offer or you will probably never hear from them again.
  • If you want to be a marketing wizard, do this; ASK YOUR CUSTOMERS! Don’t assume to know what they want, ask them and have the wisdom to listen when they tell you.
  • Apply the same rules you use with writing headlines, to titles and when naming products.
  • Tell your prospects precisely what you want them to do in your sales material. Believe it or not, most people WANT to be lead by the hand. And don’t be shy about telling them more than once.
  • TEST, TEST, TEST. Test your product and your pricing.
  • The biggest challenge you will face in advertising, is getting your prospects to believe you! Do it with TESTIMONIALS, with ENDORSEMENTS, copies of BANK STATEMENTS, sworn statements, Before and After photos, scientific data etc.
  • When you are targeting a niche market, advertise in publications read by this market.
  • When you educate your clients and customers through seminars, newsletters, free reports, books, letters and websites, you create credibility for yourself.
  • Never miss an opportunity to capture the names of people who call or visit your business. Its mind boggling how little attention is given to building and nurturing business data bases.
  • If you have good staff, never fail to acknowledge them for a job well done. Reward them for going the extra mile.
  • Remember they are at the front line of your business, in direct contact with your customers and clients. Appreciate them!
  • Print your order forms in coloured paper. This draws attention to it and sales are increased.
  • When advertising, always include the address of your website.
  • When you send requested information out, have the envelope stamped with “Here is the information you requested” or “Open immediately!!! Contains your FREE report or your latest newsletter” or words to that effect. This tells your prospect they are not being sent unsolicited mail or ‘junk’ mail.
  • ASK for the order! Don’t just leave a question hanging in the air; remember you are leading them by the hand.
  • Do what you do so well that people can’t resist telling others about you!

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