Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

1333114135_Merry_Christmas_To_You_All1You can have a lot of fun and success when you tie into Holidays, Seasons and Celebrations.

Do be careful and plan well ahead.

Take the opportunity to look seriously at what other industries or
businesses do around that holiday or seasonal event or celebration
but don’t always assume that what they are doing is successful.
If nobody is doing anything it could be for one of two reasons;

* You’re the first one to think of it… or
* it ain’t going to work for a reason you don’t know about yet.

Here is a handy list of national holidays, seasonal changes and
celebrations that you should be giving some thought to when
putting together your marketing calendar. And try to tie these
events into your marketing calendar.

It doesn’t have to be the big national celebrations, if there are
local or regional events that are appropriate for you tie into – do

Your Clients Birthday – This is a date you should have on file!
New Year’s Day – Saturday 1 January
Australia Day – Wednesday 26 January
Valentines Day – Monday 14 February
Business Clean Up Day – Thursday 24 February
Labour Day (WA) – Monday 7 March
Labour Day (VIC), Canberra Day (ACT) – Monday 14 March
St Patricks Day -Thursday 17 March
Good Friday – Friday 22 April
Easter Monday – Monday 25 April
Anzac Day – Monday 25 April
Labour day (QLD) – Monday 2 May
Mothers Day – Sunday 8 May
Foundation Day (WA) – Monday 6 June
Queen’s Birthday (except WA) – Monday 13 June
Red Nose Day – Friday 24 June
Picnic Day (NT) – Monday 1 August
Daffodil Day – Friday 26 August
Fathers Day – Sunday 4 September
AFL Grand Finale – Saturday 1 October
Queen’s Birthday (WA) – Monday 3 September
Labour Day (NSW, ACT, SA) – Monday 3 October
Halloween – Monday 31 October
Movember – November
Melbourne Cup Day (VIC) – Tuesday 1 November
Christmas Day – Sunday 25 December
Boxing Day – Monday 26 December

As those of you who were at Business School last year know, my
daughter Denva and her Hero’s pizza franchises really played the
game on Halloween.

She decorated the stores up with spiderwebs, witches etc, and had
her customers all dress up to get their free pizzas and put a surprise
big black plastic spider inside the pizza
box and so on.

And this is what she does for each “occasion”, she works out the
best “outside the box” strategy and applies it to her business.
Importantly, she rightfully treats her clients as an audience and
she entertains and involves them.

This can be done for all businesses. Yes including yours!

And you should know your clients birthdays. This gives you a perfect
chance to contact them and offer them something personal.

For example there is this one Italian restaurant in Vic Park, WA that
every year sends out to every single one of its past customers a
voucher to get a main course meal for free when they buy another

This is brilliant because they have people coming from as far
as Rockingham to take advantage of it. A simple gesture, that
people appreciate.

If he wants to increase sales even more with this great strategy, he
should make them a “half birthday” offer (a bit like Xmas in July).
This would effectively double the response rate.

And that is what it is all about folks, people want to feel that you
appreciate their custom, and they want to know that you think about
them and that you are prepared to put in the effort to retain them
as a customer. They want to be entertained, involved and kept up to
date with newsworthy information.

So what about you? Are you just doing the same as everyone else,
are you just constantly “buying” new customers, or are you looking
after and retaining the ones you have already brought?

And are you thinking outside of the box and putting some effort into
your marketing?

Do check this calendar carefully as we have taken every care in putting
it together but there will variables depending on your state. Some actual
holidays may vary from the designated day of the event. All care taken
but we take no responsibility for any mistakes…

Examine what is going on, and work out what your best strategy is and
then put some action behind it and then get ready for a brighter more
profitable future.

On another note, I just wanted, on behalf of everyone here at StreetSmart,
to thank you for your support this year and to wish you a Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!

And what a year it’s been.

We’ve had our successes and our challenges, I’m sure just like
you have, but all in all it’s been a really big (make that MASSIVE),
exciting and successful year for us all.

So as you unwind over the next few weeks I’d encourage you to
do a few things:

First and foremost… CELEBRATE! We have so much to be thankful
for in this wonderful country of ours, we need to take time out to
be thankful and celebrate our achievements… so go ahead… party!

Second… spend TIME with those closest and most important to you,
your family and friends. A big driver for all of us in business is
making ours and our family’s life better, so spend some quality time
with those closest to you.

Third… UNWIND and re-charge the batteries, you’ve earned a break.
While you’re at it spend some time reflecting on how far you’ve come
this year and whether or not you’ve hit your goals.


Fourth… PLAN for an even bigger and better 2011. Even if it’s just in
your mind… in your quiet time think about what you want to achieve
next year and what you will have to do to get there.

The StreetSmart office will be closed from Monday 20th December and
re-open Monday 10th January.

Once again, Merry Christmas to you and your family and I look forward
to working with you again to make 2011 your best year yet.

All the best,

Mal Emery and the Streetsmart Marketing Team

Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism


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  1. Such good advice Mal… thank you for everything you have shared over the past year. It has been an enormous learning curve – but with your careful guidance I believe we have dodged the many pitfalls along the way! Looking forward to exciting growth in 2011…

  2. Thank you for the Christmas wishes and the calender info and the Birthday info………….like the Birthday suggestion…..I have just started this and am doing it manually so far…it’s all good, cheers Robin Oliver

  3. Hi Mal,
    Just want to say well done yet again.
    More helpful money making tips from the King.
    You have helped me move forward in my business life massively not only this year but over the last 8 or so years i have been receiving information from you, ever since the first night at the uni. So merry xmas to you Mal, and thank you. Rod Archdall.
    We Buy Houses. 0427 777 922

  4. Great Post Mal,

    It ain’t going to Work! – this is by far the best advice anyone can receive for a venture that simply wont fly.

    I can vouch for the idea of remembering client’s birthdays – I’m always appreciative when a service provider remembers mine!

    The list of important dates shows the ample opportunities for innovative marketing.

    A Merry Christmas and Safe Festive Season to all.

  5. good advice Mal… thank you for everything you have shared over the past time… and Looking forward to exciting growth in 2011…

  6. Hi Mal Thanks for the tips. Yes 2010 has been challenging, exciting and life changing. Full of ups and downs. 2011 is gearing up to be a massive year.
    Wishing all a very merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

  7. Mal
    Some days your emails arrive in my junk mail and other days they pop in among my ordinary ones and I think not another message from this bloke. However, I have tasted success from marketing, and believe in the power of this force. You keep me interested enough to open the emails, and I almost always get some reinforcement from them.
    Happy christmas to you and all your support team.
    Regards Streetwise

  8. Thank you once again, Mal.

    May you have just the Happiest, Merriest Christmas – not too much alky … enjoy it w/o the PlonkLOL!
    But may God bless you in the most Special precious and Celebratory time and season of year.
    Love to your daughter and other ‘special others’ in your life. I’m sure many of us do appreciate your efforts and very fine work. Thanks for your words of encouragement and positivity throughout the year.
    You are already more Blessed than myself: you live in WA 😉
    Lucky thing.

    Denis Towers

  9. Hello Mal Emery 🙂 I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, and thanks heaps for all the totally excellent stuff that you teach us that they would never teach in schools in a million years because schools want us to be dumb and submissive eployees, but you teach us all how to be smart and profitable business owners. I’m sure that all the other MalEmeryLites (your students) would agree 🙂

  10. Hey Mal
    Thanks for those dates… good idea

    Did you get a package in the mail from me?

    BTW my birthday was 13th Dec LOL

    Love ya

  11. I am your new studentwho joined your group in October. I have been reading your books and other reports etc and enjoyed them. My second step should be to find a business and start using them. I am looking for a exciting business and should find one soon.

    Thanks for all the motivational stuff and sharing your successful marketing methods. Merry Christmas and happy new year.


  12. Thank you guys for your great seminar work and info marketing support this year, it’s given me more oomph and know-how to activate my plans with greater confidence and now I’ll be able to strategically plan for a much more successful 2011.
    So I hope you guys have a great holiday season too THANKS & MERRY XMAS!

    All The Best & God Bless

  13. Hi Mal & Crew; Merry Xmas & have a great new year. Now the positives are out of the way… I was just noting down the holidays etc per your 2011 list (good idea by the way) & found an error. Queens Birthday WA is not on the 3rd Sept it’s on 26th Sept. Just in case any one else was noting the dates. Catch ya & keep smilin’

  14. Hi Mal
    Thank you for the motivation and all the great ideas you have given me this year. All your golden rocks will make me gold bars in 2011. Thanks to you Mal and your terrific support staff. Have a great break

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