Money Doesnt Have A Conscience And I Wish I Was Wrong

Money Doesnt Have A Conscience And I Wish I Was Wrong


Money doesn’t have a conscience…and I wish I was wrong

Now what do I mean by the statement “Money doesn’t have a conscience”?

Bluntly money doesn’t give a toss about how good your product or service is nor does it care about how nice you are or whether you’re on a crusade to save the world.

It doesn’t even care if you’re fulfilling your passion or whether you or your cause is in some way “more worthy”.

People even think if they work “more harder” and be “more deserving” then things will turn around for them, be more successful and they’ll make more money.

Some even try the metaphysical equivalent of “working harder” by writing out their goals every day wishing things will change without doing the practical stuff that make things change.

Money moves from one person to another, from one business to another based on a different criteria that will be revealed here…

Just thinking and being more positive will not make things turn around for you. My experience is that people who focus JUST on the mental aspect of being successful will be largely disappointed.

And for most, there is too much focus on the thinking, instead of the mechanical process of being rich and successful.

Think about growing rich for as long as you want and you will starve. Why? Because…

Being successful is a mechanical process.

Does being a better person, working harder, having great products and services help? Of course it does! But that alone, won’t get the job done.

Money can’t distinguish between right or wrong, good or bad, morality or immorality, priest or pornographer and frankly, it doesn’t care.

It does not discriminate based on positive or negative achievement, the basic process is the same.

Watch any sales team in the morning as they get themselves all “G’ed” up about how they are going to go out and “kill em”, sell like crazy.

Then watch their demeanour as they return later, somewhat crushed from the whole experience due to lack of sales.

The door to door guys and the insurance guys get all excited in the morning, but it is a different story in the afternoon.

So where did all the positivity go?

It was flawed in the first place, they had positive expectancy with NO justification.

Positive expectancy, a smile on your face is important, but you need much much more than that.

You see, the best attitude in the world is no better than the worst attitude in the world if you don’t have a REASONABLE chance of success.

All great success uses a system for creating wealth in an environment where it has a reasonable chance of success.

That may very well be one of the most important paragraphs you have ever read. You see, firstly you need a system, in our world, marketing and sales system.

Why marketing and sales? Because it is the one thing businesses can’t survive without. It’s the life blood of a business.

Secondly, an environment, by that I mean a market that you can market to who have and are willing to pay you money.

Thirdly, a reasonable chance of success, no point building a better fishing rod hoping to catch more fish if you are fishing in a smelly pond where no fish can survive.

Won’t matter how good the rod is or how good your bait is, the result won’t change.

Success works in reverse, reason first, positive expectancy second.

So the trick is to give money a reason to be attracted to you, then and only then you can expect to have it.

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  1. What possible reason could you Give to a substance Money to be attracted to a person, money does not care who it belongs to. Unless you have found a magical devise called a Money Magnet. I am guesing you are refering to putting effort towards a step by step plan????

  2. Hello Mal Emery,how are you going? 🙂

    I love that quote that you said, that everything you sell must have a reasonable chance of success.

    I read a story once about a company that made premixed cake mixes and they decided to launch their cake mixes in Japan. They got all excited and they had a massive launch of their cake mixes in Japan, they even made it in special flavours of cake mixes that the Japanese were especially fond of.

    But they didn’t do any market research at all. After they had released the cake mixes in Japan, then they found out that Japanese kitchens don’t have ovens.

    So they did it all for nothing! Poor things. That product had no reasonable chance of success at all. The sad thing is that 5 minutes of market research would have saved them all that effort!

  3. Triumph!

    Try… Have a crack at something, or your already lost.

    Then add umph! Do the work!

    Then Never, Never, Never give up…

    True – it’s no good fishing in a smelly pond.
    But drop the line in another pond.. or you’ll never catch a fish.

    Walk boldly up to the door of oppertunity. Knock as hard as you can. If it’s locked, try the back door. Locked? – Then go break the bloody window!

    I’m gonna be on your stage one day Mal… just a heads up.

  4. Hi Mal,
    Fully agree being succesful is a mechanical process.

    Sales and marketing is the most crucial aspect of a business.

    Owners need to determine what works and then to focus on these activities.

    There is no silver bullet or holy grail. The trail to success has been well and truly being beaten out by others.

    All you need to do is follow it closely.

    Owners need a Market for the business. Without a market the business will fail, irrespective of the dedictation, passion and work. For example, if there’s 20 Consultants working in a niche market, then there is a market for this service.

    Owners need to determine whether they have a Reasonbale Chance of Success.

    Do they have the skills and capabilities? Business success is a relatively simple process. The hard part is finding out on what is required can take time and focusing on the fundamentals can be difficult.


  5. Hey Mal,

    A very wise philosophy indeed. I have just started a Property development business with my business partner and we have NO doubt in our minds that we will be successful, HOWEVER that is not only because we ‘believe’ in ourselves. Although that is a part (also an essential part in my views) we will succeed because we know that the success lies in the ability for the business owner (entrepreneur, investor etc)to have a comprehensive knowledge about their respective markets, and to allow that knowledge to influence the choices you make.

    I`ll be at the national achievers congress in September and Look forward to seeing you there!


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