More Dangerous Trends Facing Business Today2

More Dangerous Trends Facing Business Today2

Dangerous Trend #5 – The Old Ways of Doing Business DON’T Work Like they Use to and the Power is Squarely in the Hands of the Consumer to Buy or Not to Buy


I have just spent the best part of a week doing seminars with the brilliant futurist Harry S Dent and the picture he paints isn’t “rosie” for us locally and it gets even worse internationally. He bases all his predictions on the age driven behaviour of you and I.

Basically, we decide economic outcomes, not governments and institutions, they in fact only account for a very small percent of Gross National Spending.

With all that in mind, it should come as no surprise to you that the old ways of doing business don’t work as well as they used to, in fact, international research shows that you need to spend 3 times as much to get half the result with your marketing today.

Put it simply, costs are up 300%, returners have halved. A good reason for this is the amount of clutter and noise competing for the prospects attention. I have found some research that indicated we are exposed to over 5,000 marketing messages per day. Either way, it’s high.

You see, organic business has dried up. They won’t just “Walk in the Door” like they used to, they won’t come back time and time again, they won’t spend more often, they won’t refer their friends and they won’t be loyal unless you give them a VERY GOOD REASON.

It gets worse, you’re fighting the war on 2 fronts. 1 – Buyers are wanting to pay less and pit you against your competitors and 2 – your competitors want to steal your clients.

So the truth is, western economies have been kind to us. In the past you didn’t need to be a great marketer, it was possible to make money in spite of your poor efforts. Frankly, you will no longer get away with that.

To WIN in today’s chaotic new economy, where the power has shifted back to the buyer requires a completely different model…

Read on as I reveal it…

“You Must Stop Selling and Start Educating, Consulting and Advising Prospects about the Benefits your Products and Services Deliver as Opposed to Each and Every Competitor in your Category”

– Mal Emery

Best you read that again, it could be worth a fortune to you…

Let’s face it, no one wants their child to grow up to be a stereotype sales person who is pushy, lying, cheating, untrustworthy, snake oil salesperson do we?

However, if we think about a doctor who diagnoses and then prescribes solutions to people’s problems, then I am sure you would be much more comfortable with your child selling under those circumstances as a trusted, educated, knowledgeable, qualified, confident, capable sales person.

And that is exactly who you need to be perceived as in the eyes and mind of your prospects… someone who EDUCATES them and solves their PROBLEMS.

Seems to be a good time to share with you my definition of an entrepreneur, “Someone who solves people’s problems at a profit”. Of course, if you didn’t solve their problems at a profit, you wouldn’t last long. I mean, nurses and fireman solve people’s problems but they are not rich are they?

Bottom line, don’t let them think you are in sales for one second!

The best way to do all this is…

Consultative, Advisory Selling using the Lead Generation Marketing Model.

You must see yourself as an agent of change, a creator of great value, benefit, advantage and enhancement in the lives of your clients and prospects. Be the liberator, the maven and the magician of your category or industry.

Be the wizard, quite honestly, everybody is generally trying to be the wizard, it’s just their marketing sucks. You know, the coffee shop is trying to make the best coffee, it just sucks at marketing that fact.

Consolidative Advisory Selling is the MOST cost effective, the MOST immediate, the MOST enduring, the MOST impactful and the MOST powerful marketing strategy a business owner could ever devise.

Consolidative Advisory Selling using FREE education usually delivered via a combination of FREE Report, FREE CD, FREE webinar etc… will see sales increase by up to 500%.

In fact, 89 of the top 100 money making websites on the planet responsible for billions of dollars in sales all start with FREE advice and education… you have no valid argument against it.

What all this means is that the “Free Line” has been moved and it’s not going back.

The balance of power is now in the hands of those among you who would choose to consult, advise and educate your prospects or clients about the benefit that your product brings to them.

It’s the only way to take the power back off the buyer in the chaotic collaborative world we live in today.

So stop selling and start educating and advising. Your client will appreciate you more and so will your bank manager.

All the Best,
Mal Emery

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  1. Hey Mal,

    I have been doing this for years. Not on your level and in smaller markets, but I dominate them as a result.

    You inspire me to up the anti and offer even more free stuff to educate my list.

  2. Hello Mal Emery, how are you going? 🙂

    That’s great advice! We have to move with the times. It’s like when the world changed from the agriculture age to the industrial age, the peopele who stuck to the old ways of doing things got wiped out. Like the blacksmiths who insisted on keeping up with making horseshoes for horses, and who insisted that the automaobile was just a fad and that really people would keep riding around on horses and those horses would need shoes.

    I read somewhere that metaphorically speaking, when it comes to new ways of doing business, most businesses are still stocking up on horse feed 🙂

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