More Dangerous Trends Facing Business Today3

More Dangerous Trends Facing Business Today3

Dangerous Trend #6 – Plan to Dominate or you will be Dominated

Continuing on from where I left off recently with the “7 Dangerous Trends Facing Business Today”, here is DANGEROUS TREND #6.


But before I do that, just left me remind you of the DANGEROUS TRENDS we have covered thus far.

  • DANGEROUS TREND #1 – Business is Getting Tougher and Tougher
  • DANGEROUS TREND #2 – If you Don’t Master the Internet you will be Left Behind
  • DANGEROUS TREND #3 – Responding Slowly to the Ever Changing Chaotic Global Economic Conditions will see you First and Most Effected by Them, Not Least and Last
  • DANGEROUS TREND #4 – There is a New World Currency and it’s not the US Dollar, it’s TRUST
  • DANGEROUS TREND #5 – The Old Ways of Doing Business DON’T Work Like they Use to

Now let’s get to work on DANGEROUS TREND #6 “Plan to Dominate or you will be Dominated”… to some of you, this will be the most important TREND of all. You see, I want to make you UNBEATABLE and IRRESISTABLE in the business world; I want you to have to never compete on price, worry about a competitor or a recession ever again.

But there is a problem; most of you are VERY BEATABLE and RESISTIBLE…

Read on to discover why it has never been more important or a better time to become UMBEATABLE and IRRESISTABLE in your market or niche…

Read on as I reveal it…

You probably remember the Indiana Jones series of movies, maybe you even remember the famous “sword and the gun” fight out of Raiders of the Lost Arch.
In that clip from that movie, Indiana Jones is confronted by a massive sword-wielding giant of a man who with one swipe could easily lop off his head.

Confronted with that fact, Indiana Jones pulls out his gun, changes the game and shoots this guy dead instead of trying to fight his way out of the dire situation.

I affectionately refer to the as the “Indiana Jones School of Business” where any time you like you can choose to win, choose to DOMINATE, choose to change the game.

You see, you’re fighting a battle on three fronts; firstly, consumers with more knowledge want to pay you less for your products and services and work you against your competitors.

Secondly, your competitors at the same time are out to steal your clients.

And finally, we have a compromised government hell bent on putting obstacles in the way of business instead of removing them, burdening the business world with unnecessary red tape and costs as a recent article in the Queensland Courier Mail, Thursday November 10th rightfully pointed out.


And I quote, “In one of the most ridiculous rules stifling small business in Queensland, piggery operators are required to install illuminated exit signs inside pens, occupied solely by pigs. Regulators also demand an esnewspaper 11 More Dangerous Trends Facing Business Today…cape door for pigs to use in case of fires, but which farmers fear the animals can use anytime”.A former pig farmer Darryl Stewart sarcastically proclaims and I quote again “the biggest difficulties were teaching the pigs to read the signs and procedures… and train the foremost intelligent pigs as fire-fighters”.


You want further proof that this government is messing it up for small business? This time from the front page of The Australian newspaper, August 5th 2011. “Finally, an official body has exploded Julia Gillard’s claim that her Labour market regulation is promoting productivity rather than under mining it. Her new ‘Work Fair’ system has trashed one of our biggest employing industries”

Add this all to the fact that retailers in Australia have Labour costs which are “20% – 30% more expensive than other developed countries” and we pay “some of the highest rents in the world, even charging more than Hong Kong and London” Source assembled by Alex Liddington-Cox using material assembled by Morgan Stanley

All this points to a country whose businesses have lost their ability to be competitive in the global economy.

Trust me, you are fighting the war on these three fronts. You need to be the lion of your jungle, after all, the lion starves last in the jungle. Just like Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Arch, you can change the game anytime you like.

So if you don’t “Plan to DOMINATE, you will be DOMINATED.

All the best,
Mal Emery

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  1. Thanks Mal
    As always great motivational and inspirational advice. Even in these tough times,I’m seeing some businesses do very,very well.

    I’m planning to continue to dominate my industry

  2. Yep Mal so true!!

    I know we won’t be sitting on our backsides!

    Can’t wait to unleash our new SHOCK & AWE PACK!
    As always thanks for the great advice mate!

    Scott and Team at Wardrobe Choice

  3. Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are trying to tell business owners how to run their businesses, and BOTH of them still have a mortgage on their houses, so why should business owners listen to them. Here is the proof from the Herald Sun that they still have mortgages: index.php/heraldsun/comments/ julia_tony_tell_us_about_your_first_home/

    As Mal Emery always tells us: don’t take advice from anyone who doesn’t make more money than you do, unless you want to end up like them.

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