More Direct Mail And Marketing Secrets To Fill Your Pockets With Money

More Direct Mail And Marketing Secrets To Fill Your Pockets With Money


As promised, I am going to continue with the 19 Direct Mail Secrets that I promised in the last Rant.

Probably the biggest secret of all is…

Direct Mail Secret #4 – That Direct Marketing and Direct Mail WORKS and if it Didn’t Work for you, you did Something WRONG.

In fact, when executed correctly, it’s better than any other marketing that you can do…

This might sound like I’m stating the obvious, well I am definitely not…

Remember those stats from Pitney Bows I revealed previously? Here they are again:

  • 72% of small businesses rarely ever use direct mail
  • Over 70% of the 28% who do use direct mail rate it as the most profitable advertising and marketing they do
  • This tells you exactly what you need to do to have a massive advantage over 72% of your competitors

I remember years ago when Andrew and Darryl Grant were sitting in my “Business School” when I had just 22 paying members, today of course, there are hundreds and hundreds.

Anyway, at that “Business School” in front of 22 people, I revealed an Internet opportunity that the Grants have turned into a multi-million dollar business.

In fact, a passive income annually in excess of a million dollars, not to mention the multimillion dollar business they created, embracing whole heartily, Direct Response Marketing, largely learnt from me.

Here’s the thing…

Darryl admits to having completely replaced her negative thinking and language about my style of marketing with positive thinking and language. If Andrew and Darryl hadn’t, I doubt quite simply, whether it would be possible for them to be where they are today financially.

After all, the other 20 people in the room did nothing with what I revealed that day, hats off to Andrew and Darryl.

And guess what, they are still members and still paying me money to this day because they are serious students and that is what you should be until the day you die.

So don’t let your own biased opinions or poor execution where Direct Marketing and Direct Mail is concerned, keep you away from a pile of money.

Direct Mail Secret #5 – Direct Mail and Direct Marketing is More Effective than Online Marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean you DON’T master online marketing, it is just I want you to master online AND offline marketing…

In fact, if you don’t master the Internet, it will be a devastation in the next 5 years!

Frankly, I would also argue that if you don’t master offline Direct Mail and Direct Marketing, it will also be devastation.

Tell me, what do all the Internet guru’s like Russell Brunson, Yanik Silver and Frank Kern have in common? Well firstly, they all previously belonged to a particular “Religious Cult” that believed the only way to do business was on the Internet…

ALL have “come around” to Direct Mail and ALL now balance their marketing efforts online and offline.

Finally, they ALL took some convincing to “take on” Direct Marketing and Direct Mail online and offline.

Direct Mail Secret #6 – No Other Media can Compete with the Power of Direct Marketing and Direct Mail

So why is this media more powerful than any other?

Well picture this, tonight when you go home to your residence or tomorrow morning when you arrive at your business, one of the first 3 things you or someone else entrusted with the task will do is sort your mail.

And you will sort it into 3 piles, literally over the top of a trash can.

Pile #1 will be that junk mail you immediately assign to the trash can.

Pile #2 will be bills like your water rates, licenses and official letters from your lawyers etc and you will set pile #2 aside to open at a more convenient time.

Pile #3 is the pile you want your marketing to be in. It will be in 2 forms:

One, it will look like it has come from a friend, this is called the “Blind Approach” mail, and let’s face it, if a friend sends you something, you open it immediately. Now a friend would use a live stamp wouldn’t they? And in fact, those live stamps may have been on crookedly wouldn’t they?

Your friend might even use multiple stamps. So here is a neat little statistic. If you put multiple stamps on your mailing, preferably crooked and/or upside down, your open rate goes up dramatically.

Why would that be so?

It is because it looks organic, it looks the polar opposite of that stuff from pile #1 that went in the trash.

You would expect it to be hand addressed if it was from a friend wouldn’t you? And probably blue ink? You might even have a returned street address on it? But it certainly wouldn’t have a post office box on it!

Now the best thing about this hand addressed idea is, with the advent of computers, there is some really neat hand written fonts that are so good you can’t tell the difference!

Now the envelope wouldn’t be an open face envelope would it? And it wouldn’t have any barcode on it? It would be a plain standard size envelope, no bigger than a DL.

This “Blind” method is the best method to use for new prospects where you have no prior relationship with them and it even works to your own list where you do have a relationship.

The other type of mailing that works is called the “Teaser Method”. The word “Teaser” implies that it teases the recipient into opening the envelope. That means it is suddenly okay to cover your envelope in teaser copy.

Things like bullet points, testimonials, offer of free gifts inside work really well, white space on an envelope never sold anything. Cover your envelope back and front with powerful, benefit driven copy.

Just as you can’t be half pregnant, your envelope should not be half naked either.

The “Teaser” method will most likely be from a company who you have dealt with before who you stand in high regard. For example, something that arrived from me in your mail box, hopefully you would want to open that immediately.

So there you have it, there are 2 types of mailing you can do. “Sneak up Blind” and the “Teaser” method. Both are designed to get the envelope opened, read and acted upon.

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All the best,
Mal Emery

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