More High Speed Wealth Triggers Revealed

More High Speed Wealth Triggers Revealed


OK. Hopefully you remember I’m revealing for the first time ever, my “High Speed-Wealth” TRIGGERS. These TRIGGERS when executed correctly allow you to get into the “Money Zone” in business any time you like.

So far, I’ve revealed 3 all important TRIGGERS. Here they are again…

HIGH SPEED-WEALTH TRIGGER #1: The Choice of Business Itself

HIGH SPEED-WEALTH TRIGGER #2: Identify a “Starving Crowd” (Market) in Pain With Money

HIGH SPEED-WEALTH TRIGGER #3: Create Compelling Marketing Messages (For Your Starving Crowd With Money)

Of course, we’re not done yet. Getting into the “High Speed-Wealth” Zone requires more than just 3 TRIGGERS. They’re a bit like baking a cake and following a recipe. The order in which you use the ingredients is important just as leaving some of the ingredients out is also.

So use them in the order described, that I’ll continue to describe here and don’t miss any out if you’re intention is to get into the “Speed-Wealth” Zone at Will.

Dominate All Media

Quite honestly, you can be as good as me at TRIGGERS 1, 2 and 3 but if you mess up TRIGGER #4, you WILL fail. Or at the very least, NEVER succeed to the extent you should. Slow wealth and bankruptcy may in fact be your outcome.

That’s how important it is. Here’s why…

If you don’t have affordable, predictable, reliable and profitable media to expose you message to your most likely prospect, you’re dead in the water.

Why? Because it will cost you too much money to attract the most likely prospect or you’ll attract them in insufficient numbers to make you wealthy. Either way, your on a slow boat to nowhere.

When I said “media”, I meant plural not singular.

Only having one affordable, predictable, reliable and profitable media to get your message out there is very dangerous although not as dangerous as having none.

So what I want for you is many media. After all, I’ve seen businesses wiped out when for one reason or another, the media they’ve used to be successful has been taken away from them.

Three cases in point are the internet, cold calling and the use of faxes when prospecting. All of these media have been censored of late, with more censorship to come which may see them wiped out as a media to you. Ultimately, it would be wise counsel to figure out other media you can make work. It’s a bit like digging the well before you’re thirsty.

Now there should be an order to the media you use. Start with what I call “low-fruit”. By that I mean, the most likely media to work best, where your starving crowd show up in.

For example and an actual example, I have a client that sells patios. His best media these days is the internet. No surprises there. But last time I looked he also had a display centre and he did print and TV. These days most of his attention has been the internet because that’s the “low-fruit” but he’s wise enough to make other media work.

Just as there is no such thing as a “bad hammer” there is no such thing as a “bad media”. The problem is the skill level of the person who is using it. So, our preference is to dominate ALL media – print, radio, TV, the internet (generally that’s Google sandpit and they make the rules. Break them and you get slapped), social media, mobile marketing even your letterbox through direct mail is high on our list.

You see, your “low-fruit” media make you the money that then allows you to advertise in other less responsive even more costly media.
Now here’s a big distinction, most people are quick to say “TV is too expensive”. Well generally it is more expensive per lead or per sale, but if you use my model as I describe it here and figure out how to use TV, it can be an absolute “GAME CHANGER” for you.
So while our competitors complain that a media is too expensive and they can’t use it…

we’re building a model “FROM THE OUTSET”
that allows us to use and dominate all media.

It’s called “economic advantage” and it often leaves your competitor wondering what hit them. It’s simple really. It’s all about mathematics and you’re maths tell you what you can and can’t do.

Trouble is most business owners don’t know their maths. Consequently, they wing it and you know what that causes don’t you?

Another consequence of dominating all media is your business becomes “scalable”. In other words, you can grow it fast at will. It also becomes “controllable” and “predictable”. Highs and lows are a thing of the past. Best of all, your bank account explodes because of your ability to know your maths and dominate all media.

So the lesson here is, do what most business owners don’t do by firstly knowing your mathematics and secondly, figuring out how to spend MORE money on MORE media based on that media being affordable, predictable, reliable and profitable.

Anyways, watch out for a bunch more “High Speed-Wealth” TRIGGERS coming your way soon.For the record, I’ve revealed 37 High Speed Wealth Triggers at my Business School 2 weeks ago in Melbourne over 3 days to my high paying clients.

If you like to find out how you can get a copy of those recordings, in fact at the same greatly discounted rate my members paid, then click on the link below, only available for a short time at this price.

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