Never Fight A War You Can Not Win General Schwarzkoff

Never Fight A War You Can Not Win General Schwarzkoff

In a sense, business is like a real war except that no-one gets killed. Here you fight a different war, most notably competitors and authorities. Like Schwarzkoff, I don’t advocate choosing a “war” you can not win with as little effort (time, money and casualties) as possible.

So the term “war” for me is a business term. It’s how I destroy my competitors, it’s the artillery or tools I use to defeat them. One such tool that positions you as the “expert” in your field is THE BUSINESS OF SPEAKING. It’s a fact that Schwarzkoff made MORE MONEY in the year or two after he retired as a speaker than in all the years he served his country. His fee was something like $75,000 for an hours talk and he often had 2 or more a day to do.

Now I’m not suggesting for one moment you should go out and fight a real war and win it in order achieve similar results. What I am suggesting however is that to win the “war” of business there is little that compares strategically or tactically to getting into the BUSINESS OF SPEAKING.

Speaking is a positioning tool that quickly catapults you to the status of “expert” and “guru”. Rightly or wrongly, when you stand on your feet you are perceived in that fashion. So it makes perfect sense that you should be able to do the same when it comes to talking about your business, your product or your services.

You’ll note I used the term “business of speaking”, because that’s what it is, a business. Most professional speakers make the mistake of thinking all the money is in the speaking fee. That’s a real BIG mistake.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been paid as much as $6600 for just 35 minutes. It’s nice money. But the REAL money is in the CUSTOMER, the audience you are speaking to and how you can set about getting them as a client or prospect.

The real paydays come from knowing how to drive people to the back of the room in a stampede like feeding frenzy eager to throw money at you in exchange for your products or services. It’s a good feeling to see people climbing over each other with their credit cards waving in the air begging someone to take their money. It’s a better feeling when the day is over and you realise you’ve just made as much money in a couple hours as most people make in a whole year exchanging hours for dollars, and all you had to do was flap your lips.

My best guess is over the last three years from seminars and professional platform speaking I’ve turned over in excess of…

$2,750,000 in Seminar and Product Sales

Of course, I didn’t get to keep all that. I had expenses like venue, travel and product. But don’t feel sorry for me. I kept most of it, more than most people dream of making in a year of hard work exchanging hours for dollars.

However, I didn’t kill myself on the road either, spending all my time away from home. Today I spend about 30-40 days doing selling seminars, platform speaking and teaching (coaching). I don’t have to teach. I do it because I want to and it still excites me and it makes me big dollar also. I could choose to speak only 20-25 days a year and easily net over. . .

$1,000,000 a Year

Here are the numbers from the last few speeches I delivered. They aren’t necessarily my best but they’re the most recent and easiest numbers for me to recall. . . .

Sydney, November 2005 250 people $396,000 Sales in 4 hours
Sydney, December 2005 40 people $130,000 Sales in 3 hours
Perth, April 2006 62 people $16,750 Sales in 2 hours
Kuala Lumpur, April 2006 85 people $24,000 Sales in 6 hours
Sydney, May 2006 350 people $43,000 Sales in 2 hours
Brisbane, May 2006 300 people $32,000 Sales in 2 hours
Melbourne, June 2006 400 people $55,000 Sales in 2 hours
Gold Coast, June 2006 300 people $80,000 Sales in 2 hours

The reality is you should make the BUSINESS OF SPEAKING one of your weapons of war so you too never lose the battle of business.

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