Opportunities How To Choose The Right Ones And Reject The Wrong Ones

Opportunities How To Choose The Right Ones And Reject The Wrong Ones

Although contrary to what the masses believe, Rebellious Entrepreneurs know there are more opportunities than your imagination can conceive or believe. For them, it’s more of a question of

1. Which opportunities they should channel their efforts into.
2. What set criteria they use to disseminate one opportunity from the next.

The reality is OPPORTUNITIES ARE NOT EQUAL and how you view them is determined by your uniqueness, bias and opinion…what’s right for you, what’s synergistic with what you are doing.

What shouldn’t be unique is that you possess a preset criteria (list) for determining whether you should or shouldn’t get involved with a particular opportunity. Now your list WILL BE DIFFERENT from the next person’s list. Point being, you must have a list of what you will not do for money.

Only today I knocked back what I believe to be a very lucrative opportunity with a well known company and individual on the basis that the message was not synergistic with my positioning (what I’m known for) and as such was contrary to the type of message my clients or prospects would expect from me. Money was way down on the list in determining whether I’d do the deal or not.

30 years ago I determined I would never wear a tie, and within a few exceptions I have been able to maintain that status quo. For the best part of 25 years I didn’t own a suit or a tie. Some of you who have visited me in the office know that summer or winter you’ll find me in casual shorts and shirt. I feel and work better this way, and simply control the room temperature mechanically to suit my attire.

So here in part is what is on my list:

a) Is what I am doing ethical and above board?

b) Are my joint venture partners ethical and above board?

c) Is the marketing material, promotion, media, etc compliant with any regulatory requirements?

d) Is there synergy between what’s being offered and my database?

e) Will my clients benefit from what’s being offered?

f) How will it impact my relationship with my clients?

g) Do they have an appropriate marketing system? (sales material, seminar, etc)

h) Are the prepared to do all the work?

i) All marketing material, correspondence, product, seminar, must be approved by me.

j) I must have a written joint venture contract. Mine is usually a simple 1 page document that outlines each parties responsibilities. Keeps honest people honest, and provides fantastic clarity to all concerned.

k) What’s in it for me? $$$ and is it worth it?

You must constantly remind yourself that just because something CAN BE DONE, that it IS DOABLE, doesn’t mean it SHOULD BE DONE. Just because it can be done BY YOU doesn’t mean IT’S APPROPRIATE for you to DO IT. Here’s what you are looking for: “Does this opportunity integrate into and support the vehicle I’m already using to get to where I want to go?” versus “Does it distract me?”

Although it may be a phenomenal opportunity there is now a deviation, there is now a trade off cost. Does the opportunity allow you to leverage an asset you already have? Does it compliment a product you already have? Does it marry to and allow you to get more value out of an asset you already have or an asset you’re already creating? Versus does it make you create another asset?

The issue of association is an important one. Should you be in bed with them? Should you not be in bed with them? Do you want to be in bed with them? Is there some synergistic value in being in bed with them? Is there danger in being in bed with them? On one hand, I’ve rejected very good opportunity because of the association that came with it and on the other hand, I’ve deliberately created an association where the joint venture partner was ideal for the project.


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