Out of Countless Possible Strategies, All It takes Is a HANDFUL to Propel You to Raging Success!

Out of Countless Possible Strategies, All It takes Is a HANDFUL to Propel You to Raging Success!

Sometimes I know it can seem overwhelming! You could work your way diligently through one of my Information packages, read a thousand different books and attend any number of marketing seminars and you will be confronted with so MANY possible strategies you could implement in your business, you simply don’t know where to start! The list of possibilities is so long that instead of leaping into action, you feel immobilised!

STOP! Step back, take a deep breathe – and let these words seep deep into your conscious mind. IT ONLY TAKES A HANDFUL of strategies to make a truckload of difference!

And hear this: All those stats you have been bombarded with since the first day you contemplated going into business; you know the ones about how “the majority of businesses fail in the first five years” and “many or most small businesses take several YEARS to reach break-even point” …… read them and file them away in a place in your mind under the heading of “So What?”

I have no intention of sounding flippant; I mean every word I say! Because I can ‘put my money where my mouth is’ I have bought many a so-so business, turned it around and sold it for a big profit in record time.

And right now, my daughter is duplicating my m.o. Just about two weeks ago, she started her first traditional business; a pizza bar. In her opening week, she and her partner turned over in excess of $5,000.00! That’s BEFORE actively doing any marketing. And what blows those myths I hope you have already delegated to your “so-what?” file, out the proverbial window, is that she netted $2,000.00 for that week and with figures like that, she has a business worth $200,000.00 on her hands! That’s not just pure speculation on my part, my mate Warren Scoby-Smith, who has owned 18 pizza bars in all, made the projection! He ought to know.

I actually didn’t tell you everything! We did apply a marketing strategy and we did it before the Pizza bar even opened! We splashed the window of the shop with a ‘New Pizza Concept Opening Soon!” Then 3 months later, with the fit-out still happening we changed these words to “Grand Opening June 9th!”, which intrigued passing motorists and local residents for weeks! By the time the shop opened, they were already practically salivating – at the door! Imagine what will happen when we get SERIOUS!

SO that’s a traditional business; what about the Information business? Well, on June 7th I was paid a six figure sum for the rights to an information product I created out of ‘thin air’. I had no product knowledge to draw from, I didn’t spend a red cent of my money to procure it and it sells on and off line. I could have sold this business long ago, but it was a nice little money generator for me, so I kept it for a while. I’ll do the same again with another product the market place demonstrates a demand for!

KNOWLEDGE comes first, then ACTION!

It’s not talent, technical agility, academic qualifications or luck that brought about my success and none of these things will be responsible for yours! What will be is – RIGHT KNOWLEDGE and RIGHT ACTION, in that order!

It took ONE strategy implemented before business even got under way in the pizza bar, to create a mini stampede! ONE STRATEGY! And there are plenty more where that one came from. Watch this space.

Best regards

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