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Differentiate Or Die

There will be winners and losers.

Whether you know it or not, there is a NEW Economy. Rich and poor will co-exist. But the gap will become bigger and bigger like never before. The need to be in sync with where the money is moving is no longer an option but a necessity.

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Another Medical Emergency For Mal Emery

1331632742_Another_medical_emergency_for_Mal_EmeryLast week I finished up in emergency hospital again, the second time in 6 months, even though I have never managed it before in 58 years.

I emerged some 5 hours later in plaster, from toe to knee, on my right leg with 2 broken bones.

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A Secret Selling Weapon

Here is something I figured out early on in my business career although I didn’t have a name for it way back then. Today I know it as “positioning” more particularly positioning you and your business as the only logical choice for your clients and prospects to do business with… in spite of any other likely competitor.

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More HangUps About This Than Sex

Over the last few rants I’ve been sharing with you what I call “Brass Balls Principles” that I live by.

By the way, women have these too. It’s not in a physical sense that I am referring to here so don’t get hung up on that one.

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The Healthy Paranoia Principle

“Just because you believe they’re out to ‘get’ you, doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get you.” I love that quote, I can’t remember who said it, but I live my life based on “Healthy Paranoia”. Continue reading

Yes The World Does Revolve Around You

I have mentioned this fact before, here I am going to elaborate as to why the world should revolve around you, and why it’s all about you.

Of course my daughter is quick to tell me it’s all about her, and if like me you’ve got kids, you know that they already think they are the centre of the universe. In a business sense being the centre of the universe and having the world revolve around you is powerful logic unless…

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Fire Problem Clients Fast

Unlike red wine problem clients, and staff for that matter, don’t get better with time. I have learnt from expensive experience it pays to fire fast and hire slow where staff are concerned. Continue reading

This Principle Rules Mal Emerys Life

Of my most recent Rants, three particular subjects have met with your interest and response more than others.

One was how to get more of the right stuff done. Two was the power of setting goals, and thirdly, of course, how I did myself some damage coming off my push bike recently.

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Mal Emery Nearly Killed

I nearly didn’t make 2010…

I promise you there is a marketing message behind the fact that I nearly brought about my own demise over Christmas. Some would say that’s a good thing, others might not.  I’ll prove to you that minutes, even seconds, not only mean a lot but they can actually save your life.


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