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The Inference Is That It Would Be Foolish To

Me again folks with Part #3 of why panic in difficult times won’t help you and how in fact to ensure your least and last affected, not first and most affected in business by a difficult economic climate – a competitor wanting to gatecrash your party or anything normally considered out of your control.

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How To Get a Lot Done Fast

How to get a lot done fast or more importantly, how to get a lot of the RIGHT stuff done fast.

You see there’s no success or failure in anything, whether it’s business, health or relationships. It all comes down to one inter-related factor: CHOICE and BEHAVIOUR.

Here I’m going to reveal my BIG secret and my secrets to getting a lot of the RIGHT stuff done that produces the vast majority of my success in business.

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Well That Upset A Few

I succeeded in getting a handful of complaints to my previous rant entitled “Does Mr Wonderful really exist?”

Better still, I had many more positive responses, some of which are instructive to anyone that reads them and others just made my ‘jelly-belly’ wobble.

Now believe it or not there’s a marketing lesson here.

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Does Mr Wonderful Really Exist

Don’t read this post if you’re easily offended! However if you enjoy a laugh and don’t take things too seriously you’ll probably get a giggle out of it.

There’s a bench seat in Leura in the Blue mountains of NSW.  It’s uniquely and deliberately placed outside a clothing business and attached to the seat is a sign which reads “Seat For Bored Husbands”.  Taking care of the non-shopper in the family (men) is wise council.  After all, as a male myself, my idea of fun is certainly not shopping.

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The Truth About Testimonials And My Top 9 Tips

“Do you ever ask yourself “What else could they want?”

You know the scenario…  You have a great product that’s going to do exactly what you say it will – in fact you are so sure of it you offer your prospects an Iron Clad Guarantee.   And yet…

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Does Mal Really Have Supernatural Powers

It’s 7.36 am Monday the 12th October

I am sitting at one of my favourite breakfast haunts; I am trying to be healthy for a change and I’m skipping the gin and tonic and having an egg, spinach and ricotta quiche for breakfast (yeah real men do eat quiche) and the mobile phone rings.

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Little Things Mean Everything

I spent last week in sunny Brisbane and sunny it was!  30+ degrees most days. Lucky I took my Quiksilver cap with me because every morning and night almost without exception I embarked on a 50 minute walk from my apartment to South Bank and back.

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