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The Money Is STILL In The Herd

Enjoy those Yellow Pages examples last week?

Well, I’m on my soapbox now, and if you get my Rant on a regular basis then you’re probably just about ready to bang your head against a wall when you read the subject line this week.

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Get Celebrity Status Instantly

Over the last seven weeks we’ve explored one by one my personal “Speed Wealth Secrets”. Hopefully you’ve taken heed and realized, with a few small tweaks and re-adjustments, you can catapult your success immeasurably.

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EXPOSED Millionaire Wealth Secret 6

EXPOSED Millionaire Wealth Secret #6
Money Back Guarantees and EXTRAORDINARY Money Back Guarantees

In the 1830′s, Cyrus Hall McCormick invented the world’s first mechanical reaper, a machine with the potential to improve farmers’ productivity ten-fold. Despite McCormick’s best efforts, he was unable to convince local farmers of the true benefits of this amazing piece of machinery. His sales were virtually at zero for nine years, his machine waiting in the barn for a flash of inspiration.

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EXPOSED Millionaire Wealth Secret 5

If there is one thing that will multiply your wealth more than any other it’s the ability to create systems within your business to the extent that it will run just as well without you as it will with you sitting in the driver’s seat calling the shots. The secret to achieving the ultimate business and all the benefits that brings is in perfecting the ultimate system – marketing and operationally. So we’re on the same page, here is what the typical definition of a SYSTEM is laid out as:

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EXPOSED Millionaire Wealth Secret 1

Did you know, that in 1986, Pat Riley, the then coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, applied a simple, yet incredibly powerful strategy in order to win the NBA Championships?
He asked each of his players to improve their skills in 5 critical areas by just 1% over their personal best.

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